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Shotgun Magazine Tube Extensions




The shotgun has always played a large role in the defensive arena, now even more so witAll metal shotgun magazine extensions. h our personal  environments becoming more hostile every passing day. At one time the tactical experts believed that the rounds you carried in the stock shotgun would satisfy most defensive situations.  As the tactical or defensive shotguns have evolved the experts are adding various means of adding additional round capacity.  The most common method is to add a Magazine Extension tube to their tactical shotguns. We presently offer to options - The metal magazine extensions from TacStar and the durable molded plastic from Advance Technology Inc.  All ATI Gun Stock accessories for the Remington 870 will also fit the H&R Pardner Pump shotguns with the exception of Magazine Tube extensions.

ATI offers tactical shotgun accessories and accessoires for hunting shotgun guns from Remington, Mossberg and Winchester.

ATI Gun Stocks Magazine Tube extensions for Remington 870 shotguns. Now offers Polymer and Aluminum Magazine Tube Extensions for Remington 870 and Winchester Shotguns.

TacStar shotgun accessories for Remington, Winchester and Mossberg shotguns.

TacStar metal magazine tube extensions for Remington, Winchester and Benelli shotguns.

ATI Gun Stocks magazine/ barrel clamp may also be used as a shotgun flashlight mount.

Most people who add a magazine extension also purchase a magazine/barrel/Light clamp to support the extended magazine tube.



In addition to the Magazine Tube extensions the shotgun operator has the option of a Sidesaddle shotshell holder, adding additional round capacity for mission critical situations.

Last Update 09-30-2103


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