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Now you can easily add a Heavy Duty Shotgun Door Breacher - Muzzle Break to your plain barrel Mossberg 500 or 590. The Minotaur Tactical Megalodon Door Buster is constructed of heavy duty carbon steel and as easy to attach as


The Megalodon Door Breacher features 5 Shark Gills cut into each side of the Muzzle break to aid in recoil control. In addition to the Megalodon's Shark Gills the Door Buster features 18 shark tooth serrations on the front end of the Door Breacher to grip the entry door knob.


Minotaur Tactical Megalodon Shotgun Door Breacher

Minotaur Tactical Mossberg Door Breacher and Muzzle Brake.

Please note the Door Breacher will not fit 20 inch Mossberg because the magazine tube is too close to the end of the barrel. Also will not fit 20ga. unless you do some major shimming.

Will only work on plain barrels will not work on vent rib barrels!

 Fall Special Mossberg  500  $44.73

Installing the Minotaur Tactical Megalodon Door Breacher is easy as


  • Verify your Shotgun is unloaded
  • Remove factory bead from the end of the barrel - It simple unscrews
  • Slip the Minotaur Tactical Megalodon Breacher over the barrel and align
  • Tighten the two bolts with provided Allen wrench

Want a Megalodon - You have a Remington 870 and feel left out!

New In Stock

The Minotaur Tactical Remington 870 Door Breacher/ Muzzle Break.

Zombie Thumper


Now Remington 870 Shotgun owners can enjoy the same style of Door Buster which is constructed of heavy duty carbon steel

.The Zombie Thumper Door Breacher features the same  5 Shark Gills cut into each side of the Muzzle break as the Megalodon. In addition Minotaur Tactical added a recessed Eye to each side. Similar to the Megalodon, the Zombie Thumper has 16 gripping teeth.  However they have extended the four of the teeth to allow a better grip on Zombie heads or Door Knobs.

Images Coming Soon

Mossberg 500 with Minotaur Tactical full length shotgun rail and Megalodon Door Breacher - Muzzle Break.



Last update 09-08-2013