Whether you are setting up a Home Defensive Shotgun or an Advanced  Tactical Offensive Shotgun - Tactical Shotgun Accessories offers only the high quality products from the top Manufacturers.


Shotgun Scopes, Optics and Laser Sights


Minotuar Tactical Rail with Red Dot, Laser Sight and AR15 sights all mounted on a Mossberg 500.This isn't your Grandpa's shotgun, unless he is on a Tactical Entry team. Grandpa's hunting Remington 870 only had a bead on the end of the barrel  for the game he hunted. The Tactical Shotgun is used for larger game where a specialized scope and or Laser sight is essential. 

Thru experience we've found that the EoTech optics are one of the most durable and useful scope for a Tactical Shotgun. However the Minotaur Tactical Reflex sights and laser sights offer a quality which greatly exceeds their low cost. We've had less than 1% of the Minotaur Optics returned for warranty repair.

For fast target acquisition in most dynamic Entry and low light situations the EoTech can't be beat. Many professionals are also employing a laser -sight on their Tactical Shotguns. There are many laser sights advertised, however we've only found a handful that will withstand real duty use.

EoTech Optics.Optics on Tactical Shotguns have become very popular with Law Enforcement, the Military, three gun shooting competitors and the average home defense civilian. Please click on the image to the left to view the EoTech Optic product details and ordering information. Due to demand EoTech optics are on back order.


NCStar offers high quality Red Dot sights at new low factory direct prices. Red Dot sights including a Red Dot sight featuring an integrated Red laser sights as well as Red Dot sights with dual color illuminated reticles.

Lasermax laser sights for for Remington 870 shotguns.Laser sights for shotguns are available from a variety of manufacturers, please click below link to view the products we've found to be the most durable

Shotgun Laser Sights





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