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Mossberg Shotgun Barrels


O F Mossberg and Sons offers over 20 barrels for the Mossberg 500 shotguns for Tactical situations, Hunting and Sporting uses. That is the good news. The bad news is that many of the factory Mossberg Shotgun barrels are on backorder at one given time or another.

Replacement factory12ga.18.5"  Mossberg Barrel for Tactical shotguns. Model 90115. The most common Mossberg Barrel on backorder is the 12ga 18.5" Cylinder Bore plain bead sighted Tactical barrel (90115).  

Mossberg 24" smooth bore 12ga barrel with Rifle sights 90055.Mossberg 12ga. 24" Replacement Barrel with smooth cylinder bore featuring adjustable front and rear rifle sights (90055). Although most Tactical Shotgunners choose the shorted 18'5" barrel the Rifle Sighted 24" Barrel can also be utilized for a Defensive/Tactical Shotgun Barrel as well as crossing to Deer Hunting use.

Mossberg 500 featuring the Minotaur Tactical Door Breacher and Full Length Picatinny rail and tactical shotgun optics.

We are not aware of any company making an aftermarket Tactical Barrel for the Mossberg 500 and 590 series shotguns. However with the new Minotaur Tactical Door Breacher mounts on plain barrel Mossberg Shotguns - You too can have Tactical looking Shotgun with a intimidating Muzzle Break/Door Breacher.


Minotaur Tactical Door Breacher Muzzle Break for Tactical Mossberg Shotguns.


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