Whether you are setting up Your Remington 870 as a Home Defensive Shotgun or an Advanced  Tactical Offensive Shotgun - Tactical Shotgun Accessories offers only the high quality products from the top Manufacturers.




 Remington Shotgun Accessories

Super Bright Green Laser Sight for Tactical shotguns from NcStar - Priced under $70.00 each.From the beginning the Remington 870 has been at the top of the list of defensive professionals when considering a home defense or tactical shotgun. Although the Remington 870 is a fine gun right out of the box,  it demands to be persomalized to fit the operators mission and personality.  Tactical Shotgun Accessories has taken the most popular and highest quality accessories for the Remington 870.  Our buyers are all experienced professional tactical shotgun operators with Law Enforcement training and entry experience. Our team T&E all products before offering them at our online store.


Replacement Tactical Shotgun Barrels with and without Muzzle Breaks.


Replacement forends featuring a Vertical Grip, Picatinny rails or Plain.


Shotgun Barrel Heatshields available with Ghost Ring Sights and plain.


Red Beam and Super Bright Green Laser sights.

Magazine Extensions

Add additional Shotshells with a Magazine tube extension.

Muzzle Brakes

Heavy Duty Steel Door Breacher/Muzzle Brake from Minotaur Tactical -- The Zombie Thumper

Picatinny Rail

Full Length Tactical Shotgun Picatinny Rail. will all Remington 870 Shotguns which have been drilled and tapped from the factory. Of you can drill and tap your 870 as well.


Pistol Grips

Rear Pistol Grips and Vertical Forend Grips.


Red Dot Sights

Illuminated Optics with  Red or Green Dots and Multi- Reticles.

Shotgun Cases

Shotgun Cases, Double Weapon Cases and Shooters Mats.

Shotgun Stocks

Replacement Tactical shotgun stocks including Top Folding, AR15 Style and Pistol Gripped Stocks.

Shotgun Lights

Tactical Weapon lights for  your shotgun.

Shotshell Holders

Sidesaddle shot shell holders, Shot shell holders to fit Top folding and AR15 style tactical shotgun stocks.

Shotgun Slings

Tactical Shotgun Slings - Single and Two Point Shotgun  Slings.

Sling Mounts

Shotgun Sling Mounts and Adapters.



Tactical Shotgun Accessories is honored to have been chosen as a MasterMinotaur Tactical Rail for new Remington 870 shotguns. Dealer for the New Minotaur Tactical Rail for the Remington 870 shotgun. Mossberg and Remington 870 replacement tactical barrels are now available with and without Door Breachers. ATI Gun stocks offers a variety of quality shotgun accessories to fit the Remington 870 and it's clones including Heatshields, Muzzle Break, forends, pistol grips, AR15 style collapsible stocks, Top Folder and Side folding stocks, vertical foregrip,ATI Strikeforce Remington Tactical AR15 style collapsible shotgun featuing an adjustable check piece and sideing folding option. Flashlight and magazine clamps, Pistol grip buttstocks in black as well as Camouflage finishes, 7rd  and 8rd magazine tube extensions, Shell Holders and more.

Advanced Technology Deluxe Heat Shield with Ghost rings will fit the Remington 870 Shotguns.The TacStar line of Remington 870 includes Metal magazine tube extensions, pistol grip, front vertical pistol grip forend, Tac Sling and Side Saddle Shotshell holders.

Of course we offer a complete line of Laser sights from Lasermax and the new super bright green laser sight from NcStar priced under $80.00 with mount. As well as weapon cases, gear bags backpacks and much more.


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