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Light up the night with the right Tactical Weapon Lights for your Shotgun


Don;t be afraid of the Dark ever again - Light up the night with one of our Tactical Shotgun Weapon Lights

A Tactical Weapon light is considered to be one of the most important accessories that you can add to your Defensive Shotgun. The weapon light is not only important for the obvious need of lighting up a scene, the new super bright weapon lights can be used to temporarily blind your attacker.


Surefire offers a wide variety of tactical weapon lights that can be utilized on your defensive shotgun. From the dedicated Tactical Forend weapon light to the 200B rail mounted weapon light.

Surefire weapon lights.


Offers a wide variety of personal flashlights and Tactical Weapon lights featuring padded Barrel clamp mounts.


Nextorch T6A LED Weapon Light system for tactical shotguns.


NcStar offers a new lower cost alternative for tactical weapon lights and personal flashlights.

NcStar weapon light with quick release weaver style mount .

Insight Technologies

Insight Technologies is the manufacturer of the original M3 Rail mount Light as well as the M6 Combo Rail light and laser sight. Now with the new M3X and M6X lights.

Insight Technologies tactical lights.


Light Mounts

This page is in progress, we are reevaluating our mount product line. We should have all our light mounts on line very soon - In the interim look at the Advanced technology Inc. Light Clamps.







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