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The Tactical Light is only as good as the mount used on your Shotgun


A Tactical Weapon light is considered to be one of the most important accessories that you can add to your Defensive Shotgun. However finding a sturdy quality tactical shotgun mount is equally as important as finding a quality tactical shotgun weapon light.

Nextorch barrel mount allows the shotgun operator to add a tactical weapon light such as the Nextorch t6A, Surefire 6P or any other 1" tube tactical weapon light.Nextorch

The RM81 features a sure grip padded material to keep your tactical weapon light secured to your Shotguns Barrel or Magazine tube.

 Black hard-anodized steel
 With underlay for anti-shocking
 With quick dismantle tool
 For tube diameter of 17-25mm Up to 1"
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Nextorch flashlight mount allows the shotgun operator to attach most tactical weapon lights to any weaver or picatinny style rail.Nextorch





 For tube diameter of  25mm - 1"
 Black hard-anodized aluminum

Off set tactical weapon light mount will fit most weaver or picatinny rails.NcStar



  • This Offset Tactical Mount is designed specifically for 1 Inch Flashlights and Lasers
  • Used in conjunction with a Forward Vertical Grip, this Mount places your Flashlight or Laser at the perfect location for Easy Thumb Activation
  • Mounts to virtually any Picatinny or Weaver Style Rail with the Easy to Use Slotted Thumb Nut
  • Constructed of Hard Anodized Aluminum providing a Rock Solid Platform yet is still incredibly Light Weight.
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45 degree offset picatinny style rail mount to attach tactical weapon lights with ring mounts.NcStar



  • 45 Degree Offset Rail allows the attachment of Lasers, Flashlights, Red Dot Sights or other Tactical Accessories necessary to get the job done.

  • Offset Canted Design creates more Mounting Versatility eliminating interference with Vertical Grips, Handguards, Optics, and other accessories.

  • Perfect for Mounting a Backup Reflex Sight side by side with your Primary Optic.

  • Ergonomic Design gives easy access to on/off switches for Flashlights, Lasers, or Red Dot Sights.

  • Constructed of Solid Aluminum, Hard Anodized for corrosion resistance.

  • Single Slotted Thumb Nut secures the mount to Weaver Style or Picatinny Rails Quickly and Easily

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    Plastic barrel clamp light mount from Advanced Technology International.ATI

    SMC1100 May be used to mount magazine  extensions (see below) or 1 inch diameter tactical flashlight or laser sight to barrel. Injection molded from indestructible, black, glass-filled nylon. Fits all 12GA and 20GA barrels. Simple installation - no gunsmithing . Click the photograph to the left for a larger image. The image shows two SMNC1100 clamps. You are ordering one clamp per package. You only need on clamp to mount a flashlight or utilize as a magazine stabilizing clamp.

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