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I Tested And Ranked The Best 1911 Holsters

Looking for the perfect holster for your 1911? Discover top-rated options, expertly tested and ranked for comfort and functionality.

Best 1911 Holster

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. 1791 Gunleather - OWB Leather Gun Holster

Top-Rated: 3,053 ratings

Best 1911 Holster


Highlight: Upgrade your carry to the 1911 leather gun holster. Made with 100% American Steerhide Leather that is reinforced and double stitched providing a comfortable, durable, lightweight & safe leather gun holster you can carry all day

Helpful review: "Ok gather round and take a seat because Y’all are gonna learn something today. When you go to the bathroom and realize you’re urinating red white and blue you might be concerned. Or you might remember you just received and are wearing your new 1911 signature brown holster from 1791.
Upon opening the package you’re greeted with a puff of leather, cigars, whiskey, freedom and testosterone. As that sweet sensation filled my nose I saw a bald eagle screech by and some of our fine boys in blue chasing a hippie. The patchouli menace was apprehended and all felt right in the world.
The holster itself isn’t that cheap flimsy leather either, it is thick, it is hearty, and tough. You slap that bad boy on and you’re driving cattle in the Wild West and hitting the beaches of Normandy at the same time with your 1911. You’re ready to eat meat and kick ass and buddy, I ain’t hungry.
You might wonder, is it a snug and secure fit? You’re damn right it is. It’s tighter than bin ladens butt when seal team six came a knockin.’
Does it look good? It’ll bring a tear to your eye and make a commie cry.
End of day this is my first holster from 1791 and it ain’t gonna be the last. The thick American steerhide that this bad boy is made of isn’t messin’ around. Saddle up sweethearts, this ain’t for pink hatted sissies.
WARNING: side affects may vary, any sensations caused by use of this product is due to hundreds of years of but kickin’ and freedom lovin’ muricans. Not for use by hippies, commies, or NPR." — Ross
Trending review: "This holster is by far the best holster I have ever owned. I have been carrying a handgun both for personal reasons and professional reasons for 30 years and have at least 40 holsters to go with my collection of firearms. I cannot recall ever being this impressed with a holster. This holster fits my Springfield Armory Trophy Match perfectly. I could not ask for a better fit. The holster is made out of thick leather that is form fitted to the weapon and requires no break in time. The holster holds the weapon close to the body and is extremely comfortable.
Some have written that this holster is good or excellent for the price point. Let's be clear -- this holster is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship and is under priced based upon what the current market offers for approximately $50.00. Most other holsters on the market at this price point are made with thin, flimsy leather that in most cases barely holds the weapon well or they are half holsters not covering the entire body of the weapon. This is a stout holster and covers the entire body of the weapon and looks good doing it. This holster would be a great deal at twice the price.
After my 1911, my second favorite weapon to carry is an N frame S&W 44 magnum and I am waiting for 1791 to produce a holster for this revolver so I can buy that one too.
Based upon my experience with this holster, if you need a holster for your 1911, then this is the one to buy. You will not need another." — LawDawg
Reassuring review: "Let me start off by saying, up until now recently experience with a side arm consisted of a Glock in a Black Hawk holster. Which is to say a polymer gun in a plastic holster. Further I prefer the paddle option for the Black Hawk. When, finally I decided to expand my horizons, I picked up the Springfield Armory Range Officer Elite Target, as a previous reviewer concluded, I couldn’t bring myself to put a full size 1911 with a steel frame into a plastic holster.
I happened upon 1791, a company I had never heard of, so I did a little research on the company. I liked the company philosophy regarding civil rights, and the holsters seemed to be well reviewed, so I decided to go with them, and I’m very glad I did.
When I first received the holster, I was surprised by how stiff it was, again that’s just me not being familiar with leather holsters. I was expecting something more malleable, like a baseball glove. I didn’t see how something so stiff could be comfortable to wear. It is however very comfortable. The level of comfort is even more surprising given the 41oz dry weight of the Range Officer.
The holster holds the gun securely. Right out of the box it was a little snug, so I did the plastic shopping bag trick and that loosened it up just enough. The gun is held very close to the body. Something else I had to get used to. In my case it’s right against my middle age center handles, but from a concealment point of view it’s just what I would want. Granted a full size 1911 is not what anyone would consider a concealment pistol, if you are looking for a holder for a concealed carry arm the 1791 would do the trick.
The quality and craftsmanship of the holster are top notch. I fully expect this holster to provide many years of service. In fact, I like the holster so much I subsequently purchased a dual magazine holster from 1791 to match the holster. I can highly recommend 1791 if you are looking for a top quality leather. As a bonus the price is very reasonable for the quality product you will be receiving." — TekGeek

2. CYTAC - 1911 Full Size Holster

Top-Rated: 2,524 ratings

Best 1911 Holster


Highlight: Compatible with colt 1911 .45 5" without rail, girsan 1911 mc, variants 1911, taurus 1911, browning mark 3, airsoft 1911 replicas, etc.; Incompatible with sig 1911 with picatinny rail or 1911 with full rail. The bottom of the holster is open to support the longer barrel sticking out.

Helpful review: "Headline says it all. The product is very well made and very comfy. I own a citadel 1911 and it fits nicely. On top of all that I have already said. If you are looking for a holster to quickly throw on your pants and not have to use a belt this is the product for you. At a reasonable price like this you can't beat it. no clips over your gun so you don't have to waste any time flipping a clip when that scum bag is trying to threaten yours or your families life! Also you can change the angle of the holster to fit your draw (look out criminals there's a new kid in town) make the holster completely fit your draw so it's a smooth transaction for the fool who threatens your life with a swift exit from this earth. Anyways I think i said enough to show you I enjoy this holster and will be back for more." — Mrbigz
Trending review: "First, let's be clear: I'm not a "combat" shooter, I'm not competing, and I have no delusions about ever finding myself in a "tactical" situation. I just want to wear my pistol on my countryside property as protection against snakes and other nasty critters. So my priorities include secure retention and being able to don / doff the holster easily when I arrive and leave. Even comfort isn't all that critical for me.
I've been using this holster for a few weeks now with a Series 70 Colt 1911. As other reviewers have mentioned, the tabs which hold the paddle to your waistband are aggressive, but with a little practice it's on in less than 10 seconds. Once it's on I forget it's there. I haven't adjusted the angle yet but I may do later.
I was a little paranoid at first, but after several times wearing, it became clear that the pistol and holster aren't going ANYWHERE. The firearm is positively locked in place, and the holster is positively locked to my waistband. The extra half a second I might spend to draw, and the extra few seconds to put it on and take it off, are well worth the piece of mind -- especially after a different brand holster fell off my belt and dropped my nicely finished firearm in the gravel.
If I ever decide to wear my Springfield 1911 on my other hip, I'll definitely buy another." — J. Haydon
Reassuring review: "For the money, this is a very nice holster and a good value. Maybe if you pay double or more you may find a nicer one more suitable for all day wear, but who wears a full size 1911 all day these days? Not too many. Just too heavy.
For casual use, at the range, this is a winner. The locking mechanism works great.
If you are a member of SWAT, military "teams", etc you might prefer something more substantial.
Will report back when I install the HOGUE grip laser and if that works fine along with this, or if I had to do a minor mod with the Dremel or something." — VULCAN

3. POLE.CRAFT - 1911 Holster OWB Kydex

Top-Rated: 295 ratings

Best 1911 Holster


Highlight: Please feel free to choose our KYDEX Holster to protect your Colt 1911. This is our high-quality KYDEX OWB Holster tailored for the Colt Commander 1911 .45 / 9mm / 4.25 Inch pistol. It is not only highly precise, but also rugged, no sloshing, no jitter, no wear, easy to insert and pull out. Perfectly protect your love gun. So you can protect yourself wherever you are.

Helpful review: "Perfect fit for my S&W 1911 PD. Lots of adjustability; height, tilt, retention, belt size, etc. I like that this is able to clip on your belt and it doesn't have to be threaded on to the belt. The clip is secure and easy to release when needed. Because it does release it is a little bulky and extends the firearm off the hip a little bit. For an outside the waist band holster though I love it." — bmccune
Trending review: "Works well... purchased for my Springfield. 45 model 1911. For the price it survives its purpose. However, just note if your looking for better retention or an ALS holster, this is not the one. Looks great and wears well." — Benji S.
Reassuring review: "Fits the 1911. Well constructed for the price. It’s not a positive locking holster, more of friction fit, so cartwheels while carrying aren’t recommended. But the pistol stays where it’s supposed to and it’s easy to draw. Comfortable to wear." — Mr. Guest

4. Bedone - 1911 OWB Holster

Top-Rated: 1,451 ratings

Best 1911 Holster


Highlight: OWB Colt 1911 holsters are made of durable, lightweight polymer material that is resistant to impact, heat and scratch. It's designed for tactical training, hunting, military, the range, law enforcement agencies, personal defense, daily carry and open carry of any kind.

Helpful review: "Fits my 1911 perfectly. Positive latch holds it in place even if I bend or squat. Adjustable carrying angle is easy to use. Takes an Allen wrench to adjust it so you won’t be adjusting it in the field. Not a big deal to me. After I adjusted it to the angle I liked best I left it there. The finger release is easy to use but not easy to accidentally release it. Light weight, adjustable, fits 1911, holds gun in holster, comfortable." — Ted Rorrer
Trending review: "Ok don't expect high preformance Alien gear/fobus type gun holster for18$ but it has some decent features on it like th lower side mounted lock & th paddle is smaller than average wich is good 4 me. Gun fit was actually pretty snug & th bottom is cut out so if your gun is compensated it sticks out the bottom which I like. Overall satisfied with item. Almost 4got it fits a Para-1911 Expert 14.45 double stack gun" — rooster
Reassuring review: "Great little holster for little money. I used it for a full-sized 1911 and it worked great for a recent range training event. It took me a little extra practice to get used to the button release, but I like the security of it. I like the ability to adjust the cant angle too. If you want a quick OWB solution for a 1911 pistol, I don't see how you can go wrong with this." — Bryan M.

5. Relentless Tactical - Made in USA - 1911 Holster

Top-Rated: 839 ratings

Best 1911 Holster


Highlight: You don't have to wait months or spend hundreds to get a perfect fit. Why settle for a cheap imported leather 1911 holster when you can get one which is Made in the USA and has a Lifetime Warranty?

Helpful review: "Nice holster, strong clip and excellent price. Fits my Kimber 1911 CDP II Tactical with a 5 inch barrel. It fits snug without a snap which I like. Took a little practice to draw smoothly as with all new holsters. I have crimson laser grips and need to remember to separate the leather away from the laser as it is being holstered. The front sight post does not catch on the leather because it does not extend too far beyond it. (See pics) I have a compact 1911 CDP II as well and this holster works great with that pistol. These are my most reliable pistols. I wear it on the small of my back and it hides well without printing. I am right handed and ordered a left handed holster which allows me to draw the pistol with my right hand from behind me. I am a public school teacher and will be carrying it on me from now on. I use to keep my pistol in my computer bag in a locked "secret" pocket. In my state teachers are allowed to carry in school with their CCW and I know of 11 other teachers carrying at my school as well. It is sad to think it has come to this in our society. I would recommend it to anyone carrying a 1911." — ED
Trending review: "Haven't tested it out yet with my Colt Government sized 1911, but the material is top notch. I was quite impressed by the thickness of the leather and the quality of its seam stitching. I did test how comfortably it fit within my waistline on a somewhat tight pair of jeans with belt, and for a more accurate test I used my P226 as a placeholder for the pistol I intended to use. If you wear it without tucking a shirt in under, it can bug you a little if you go on runs with it, but if you're an average Joe who simply walks when concealed carrying, this is for you. No discomfort even without a buffer shirt. Gets 4 Stars for now, and if I'm equally pleased when I get around to testing it with the Colt, It'll get a 5 Star rating.
Updating review, as promised.
Was exceptionally pleased with the fit and feel after I worked it enough to teach the leather my pistol's shape. Final verdict: this may well be the best leather concealed holster available on the market for the money. I've had better, but this is one I would gladly pay $70 USD for, rather than its current low price which seems to undermine the craftsmanship. That, not to mention the lifetime warranty for replacements.I'd have gladly paid for that separately, given how much more value it adds to this purchase." — Amazon Customer
Reassuring review: "I recently bought (2) Relentless Tactical belts that surpassed my expectations for quality and durability. I figured if their "US made leather" belts were as good as their holsters, I couldn't go wrong trying one (especially with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, free return and/or exchange). I ordered this holster for a Colt 1911. I'm right handed but ordered the left hand for small of the back carry. My 1911 fits it like a glove! Tight fit, easy draw. Super comfortable fit (hardly know it's there) Re-insertion requires the left hand behind the back as well to assist opening the mouth of the holster since it is "soft" suede leather and pliable. But really, drawing your firearm is "the" most important part of CC.
I highly recommend this holster to anyone looking for a "small of the back" carry with a 1911.
FYI, I tested this holster with a couple other firearms. It fits a Browning Hi-Power 9mm nicely, but fits a little looser than the 1911. I also tried a CZ 75B 40 cal (full size). The CZ fits as well but doesn't seat as deeply in the holster, because it has a more forward prominent trigger guard and is about 0.10" wider than a 1911.
The bottom line is that the people at "Relentess Tactical" are driven by customer satisfaction.
I've purchased from them numerous times and have not yet been disappointed.
Buy with confidence from "Relentless Tactical" They will treat you right!" — tom


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