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I Tested And Ranked The Best Biometric Gun Safes

Discover the pinnacle of firearm security with the best biometric gun safes of the year. After thorough testing and ranking of the most popular options in America, I present hands-on reviews to assist you in selecting the ideal biometric gun safe that combines cutting-edge technology with affordability.

best biometric gun safes

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. ONNAIS - Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

Top-Rated: 6,143 ratings | 113 answered questions

best biometric gun safe


Highlight: With portable design, you can keep this gun safe in a drawer, cabinet, luggage, or nooks and also place it at home, car, nightstand, or some other spot that's easy for you to use as a bedside handgun safe.

Helpful review: "I will be comparing this too the Vaultek VT20 pistol safe as I now own both. I will start by saying the value of this safe is excellent. It appears well built and I could not find any visible flaws. It came very well packaged. The buttons are large and the biometric feature works very well. I was actually very surprised at how well the fingerprint reader worked to open the safe. I was also pleased it stores up to 20 different finger prints. The inside of the safe is spacious and it is lined with nice padded material. It locks securely and positively and it springs open very well.
Let me get down to the comparison; The VT20 was almost exactly twice the cost of this safe. And if I had opted for the biometric version of the Vaultek, the Vaultek would be nearly three times the cost. I can confidently say the Vaultek is better in every way. The Vaultek is nearly twice as heavy, has double walled construction, has internal hinges, and two locks which appear twice as thick as this safe. The padding is thicker and better on the Vaultek, it has rechargeable batteries(this one uses 4 AA batteries which are not included), an internal light, lighted buttons, and an app which helps you change settings and reset the safe in case of tampering.
With all of that being said, If you are looking to have a quick access safe which will keep a firearm safe from children at an inexpensive cost then this will do the trick. If you want more features and a more secure safe, AND are willing to spend 2 to 3 times as much, buy a Vaultek." — BLarson
Trending review: "I’ve been using this lock box over two months now. I haven’t had a failure to read my fingerprint to open. At one point I thought it may be just opening without verification of the print but if used another finger it would fail to open. Lid opens completely and access to items are not obstructed. It a good lock box. Just not one for stealthy entry locking mechanism makes significant noise something to consider for home defense lockbox." — Peter Anglero
Reassuring review: "I was looking forward a bedside gun locker for my home defense weapons, since I have two children in the house. I used to keep them in the top of the closet which is too far away in case of immediate needs. I was a skeptical of this case since it was such a great price. But the 5 star reviews gave me the incentive to give it a go. I knew I could return it if I wasn’t satisfied. It had excellent packaging.
I first opened the box and felt the weight of it. It’s solid folks—more than I expected. I was quite content with the quality of the steel. Next step was to install batteries and set a code/fingerprints. Worked perfectly. I’ve seen some folks had issues with the fingerprint reader. I have to assume, they have never used a fingerprint reader and don’t know how to slightly adjust your finger side-to-side and front-to-back during the programming process. I did ALL of my fingers, since I do a lot of manual work and my fingers get damaged from cuts and abrasions. With the exception of one of my fingers (which I cut the tip off of—cooking accident) this box works perfectly with all of my other fingers. I’ve had it over a week and have tested it many times nightly. I tried my fingers up-side-down and 90 degrees (as if I was laying in bed). The reader has worked 100% of the time. I had the wife and kids try their fingers. No open. I absolutely love this unit—especially for the price. Seriously? A fingerprint reader AND gun safe for under $75? That’s just unheard of. Yeah, I get the other reviews, the foam isn’t super thick. But my guns aren’t sleeping on pillows. The foam is perfectly adequate and on all sides of the safe. I keep my .40/410 Judge revolver and my wife’s SP101 .357 in it (and a large desiccant pack for moisture). I’m a 1st Special Operations veteran with a lot of weapon experience and training. This is the best gun safety purchase I have ever made. 5 thumbs up." — Marshall P.

2. BILLCONCH - 3 Ways Unlock Biometric Gun Safe

Top-Rated: 2,466 ratings

best biometric gun safe


Highlight: The space of this gun safe can store 2 standard size pistols.

Helpful review: "Having a toddler and a firearm in the house my family is always looking for ways to keep our family safe and have access to what we need when we need it. This is an effective solution, the fingerprint scanner allows for immediate access in a high adrenaline moment, when fiddling with keys and other things could be detrimental.
Things to note:
1. The description says quick access to your safe which may contain a gun, valuables, documents, or firearms. This is accurate description because the safe has an automatic opening door which truly does allow the owner to open it quickly when it matters most either using the rapid backlit keypad, biometric fingerprint scanner, or in a worst-case scenario the spare key.
2. The safe is true as described, it is certainly tough and rugged made of 16-gauge carbon steel construction with a durable powder coat finish, which prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection. The powder coat finish is also a very appealing coating if the safe needs to be in the open, it won’t ruin the aesthetic appeal of a room.
3. For the application to be used to control the safe you MUST connect to the Bluetooth app. The bonus of this are the following:
o Safe can be unlocked from the application
o Safe can manage the fingerprints used to unlock the case
o The app allows owner to change the password
o MY PERSONAL FAVORITE- the application allows the owner to view unlocking record on APP, so you can actually view who has opened the safe and how.
o As stated, the application is actually very simple and practical, it is easy to use and took me a total of about thirty seconds to set everything up.
4. The LED lighting is helpful when you need to access the safe quickly and in the dark. Not only is there a backlit keypad but there is an LED light located within the safe that allows the contents to be viewed.
5. Silent mode is a helpful function, and I would suggest setting your safe to silent mode as soon as you obtain it. It turns off the sound that is emitted when the keys are pressed on the keypad. Follow the following instructions:
o Press "OK" button on the keypad
o Wait for the keypad to light up
o Press "1" on the keypad
o Press "OK" on the keypad
o The safe will turn off the sound (Repeat the steps to turn on the sound.)
6. To get the most out of the safe make sure that it is fully charged. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. I timed the charge and it took less than the 2.5 hours as indicated and it arrives with the charger.
The safe is a fantastic purchase, and I already intend on getting my husband one as a gift. It is simple and it is really easy to use, all the while protecting little ones from touching things they shouldn’t!" — Ruthann
Trending review: "Great Product. Right out of the box easy to set up codes and fingerprint scan. I scanned my finger and it works every time. I have tried to use with other fingers but the lock was not working. I had the manual with me, but I didn't even have to open it up, all instructions are on the phone through the app.
I recommend it for anyone with kids , to open the safe you have to have the key to the safe or the right fingerprint or the password, no one else will be able to open the safe." — Aleksandr Elyashkevich
Reassuring review: "Let's talk about my household and why this is so important for me to have. I have a wide variety of kids of all ages running through the house on a daily basis, whether mine or family members or friends. I have multiple cats that are into EVERYTHING, same as my toddlers. I have a dog that is dumber than a box of rocks and would probably get in to something dangerous too if I let her. My husband was in the Army 23 years and an accomplished sharp shooter and hunts for our table every season so, yeah, we have guns in the house. It's easy to find a large gun safe to store the rifles, but I like to have my Glock .45 near the bedside for ease of access to me and the hubs if there is an intruder. We haven't been able to do that since having the boys and I haven't wanted to spend inordinate amounts of money on another safe. This was a perfect compromise. It's small enough to fit on the shelf of our bedside table for quick reach and grab and has padding inside so that even if the box falls (it's a pretty decent heft), the gun won't move inside. I LOVE the biometric fingerprint reader!! It opens to us with an almost immediate read and you can store multiple fingerprints. Not only that, the app monitors which fingerprints open the safe and when- a plus if you have multiple people in a household that have access (not a problem yet in ours). We did try and press our older son and daughters fingers against the reader just to see if there were any false positives, and there was no read for them. Excellent. And the price was more reasonable than the ones we were looking at in Dunham's. So, over all, this is one happier and less worried mama." — K

3. MASALUO - Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Top-Rated: 36 ratings

best biometric gun safe


Highlight: This biometric handgun safe can be quickly accessed via Fingerprint, Code Combination or Manual Key.

Helpful review: "I was afraid of using a biometric safe bcz of all the consaversy over whether it is safe or not..... But I went ahead and put in my finger prints and then used every finger and even toes of my children to try to get into the safe and they were all denied access! Success for me. It opens fairly quickly and has a light to see what you are grabbing for in it at night.... I had a cable that I put around my bed post that secures to the safe so it can't be moved. For me this was a must have and efficient... Big enough to fit a full size pistol and my hellcat with room to spare. Give this a thumbs up" — Lisa Gerwels
Trending review: "Absolutely simple setup straight out of the box! Ready to go within minutes. For those wondering it does have 2 sets of keys, as well as, a usb port in case of battery failure and key loss! Opens swiftly on fingerprint! Small enough and lightweight for a travel carry case" — Shawn Hammack
Reassuring review: "Ok, so I was thinking, for $60, not to have my expectations too high. But after receiving it, setting it up and using it. I have to say, this is a awesome gun safe. Very easy to setup ( pin code and fingerprint). The production is very solid and well made, but also light enough to bring on trips if needed. Overall I'm extremely impressed with this gun safe." — Joe Dloniak

4. XDeer - Quick Access Fingerprint Handgun Safe

Top-Rated: 638 ratings

best biometric gun safe


Highlight: XDeer gun safes for pistols features a semiconductor fingerprint scanner for advanced protection, Newest biometric module allows fast reading within 0.1seconds.

Helpful review: "I needed something to store my G19, a few mags, and some extra ammo boxes. This safe gets the job done.
The keypad allows pin 3 - 8 digits. The fingerprint reader isn't amazing but it's good enough. Both methods open the safe very quickly which is important. Some of the material inside can be removed if you desire (I removed the cloth felt from the bottom shelf so I could slide boxes in easier). The AC adapter is a great peace of mind backup to the internal batteries. The internal light only shines the top shelf. The included cleaning kit is a nice touch.
My only suggestion is I wish the internal light would stay on as long as the safe is open. It turns off after 30 seconds. Also the manual has tons of spelling errors.
I did not try mounting it so I cannot comment on the materials included." — Ryan
Trending review: "I'm actually very impressed with this safe.
The fingerprint reader works great unlike my last one that coulnd't read me for 10+ attempts sometimes, especially in the winter when my hands crack and get rougher.
It's fast to open both with the reader and with the keypad and installing batteries was very easy unlike some safes that need a screwdriver. Likewise, the program button is easy to access. The documentation mentions a tool to press the button but my safe didn't come with one, and the button is very easily pressed with just your finger, no tool needed, and it's not in an awkward place.
It's quite spacious as well taking up just a bit more space than my last one but allowing room for 2 more handguns than my previous one did.
The value for the price on this safe is insanely good too. You can barely buy dinner for your family for the cost of this safe.
Also one of my biggest issue from china manufacturing is the horrible smells coming from it. This safe does not have that insanely toxic smell that causes me to return so many "made in china" products.
Do keep in mind that these handgun safes are not really safes and are more of lockboxes that are meant to keep unauthorized users out, not thieves. Like all other handgun "safes" i've owned, it would be fairly easily opened with some tools and a bit of work. However, to keep guests and children out, it does what it's supposed to as well as any other I've owned.
My only real gripe is it has a lockout (10 minutes IIRC) if you enter the wrong code 5 times in a row. I don't know if this applies to bad fingerprint reads too or not (hopefully not). I do not want my gunsafe inaccessible because of hitting bad combos under stress, in the dark, etc. It's a feature I wish I could turn off just in case." — mr7848
Reassuring review: "I love this gun safe! It’s phenomenal for the price range. It’s very sturdy and solid, which is pretty standard when purchasing any safe that is similar in size and construction. The included power adapter is an absolute LIFESAVER. I loathe battery powered digital safes; I’ve been forced to go purchase new batteries at a moments notice or not be able to access my valuables at all. That is NOT a time I wish to revisit. The door opens immediately and automatically after the correct code or fingerprint.
The one fault that I’d point out though is the fingerprint reader. Do NOT go into this thinking that the fingerprint reader will be as sophisticated or accurate as the one on your phone. IT’S NOT. My right thumb is the only print that it will even read and open for at all. I’ve set up multiple other fingerprints, I just can’t get it to open for any of the other ones, even had the alarm go off because it just kept inaccurately rejecting them.
So that’s something to be aware of. Overall I think it’s a wonderful gun safe. The bonus gun cleaning kit that’s included was surprisingly extensive and included 22LR, 9MM, .40, & .45 size tools." — Lacey L.

5. HOLEWOR - Biometric Pistol Safe for Bedside, Nightstand, Car

Top-Rated: 423 ratings | 36 answered questions

best biometric gun safe


Highlight: The handgun safe is made of solid steel and a pry-resistant door for strength, with a reliable high-strength locking mechanism and precise fittings.

Helpful review: "I ordered this safe to store my Sig Sauer 320 in the cabinet of my nightstand. This safe is very durable and extremely easy to set up. Gun fits perfectly and still room for extra magazine or other small items.
Important note about the fingerprint feature - this safe allows up to 100 fingerprints... register your fingers at several different angles! I noticed when I set this up, the safe was in my lap, so naturally my finger placement was very different than after it was installed in the nightstand. When I practiced how I would quickly get to my safe in a crisis (sounds silly but worth the test run), I noticed my finger placement in a hurry was substantially different than when I set it up and would not open the safe. I registered all 5 of the fingers of my hand at different angles and that will open it every time." — Jeremy L.
Trending review: "The safe looks sturdy. It has noticeable stamping on the lid and body, which is supposed to add harshness to the safe.
It is heavy enough for the size. The instruction says clearly how to initialize the device, starting with battery installation. Even though I tried to program a safe first time in my life it worked out well and I was able to use a fingerprint scanner. It took no more than 15 minutes to figure out how to setup the safe and how it works.
In my opinion it is a decent device not only as a gun safe, but as an alternative one for small things as well." — Olga Maliaeva
Reassuring review: "Always wanted a finger print safe and now I finally got one, it’s great! Instructions for the safe is very easy to follow. It took about 5 minutes to program my passwords and finger prints into the safe. Material seems sturdy and durable, not too bulky or heavy. Perfect fit in my bookcase and it was big enough for my documents and hand gun. Great buy and would recommend this product to friends." — JC


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