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I Tested And Ranked The Best Fireproof Gun Safes

Ensure maximum protection for your firearms with the best fireproof gun safes on the market. After thorough testing and ranking, I present top-rated options designed to safeguard your weapons from fire damage. Explore hands-on reviews to find the perfect fireproof gun safe tailored to your needs.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. TOLEBLID - 7-8 Fireproof Biometric Gun Safes

Top-Rated: 284 ratings

best fireproof gun safe


Highlight: 78mm ultra-thick alloy pry-resistant steel door, 5*30mm high-strength solid core lock bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges, Offering reliable protection for your rifles. Our gun safe weighs up to 112 pounds, so it's hard for anyone to steal it or you can also fix the safe on the floor or wall with bundled screws to further prevent the risk of theft.

Helpful review: "To be clear: This is not a gun "safe", it it more of a "locker". This is basically a sheet-metal box with a door and locking mechanism. With that expectation, this is a great value for the price and does exactly what I needed it to do. I did not want a thousand-pound safe, and I knew that I wasn't going to get fire protection, I just wanted a box with a decent locking mechanism that I could bolt to a wall, and this works perfectly.
The safe arrived in good condition and was adequately packaged, although given its weight it would not surprise me to see some dings from shipping and delivery people being careless. The entire thing was surrounded by an inch or more of foam and cardboard to protect from minor damage.
My biggest question prior to buying this was the locking mechanism - was it really a decent lock and did it respond quickly and correctly to fingerprints. It appears that it does well on both counts -- fingerprints are easy to program and are quickly recognized, as is the code input. There is a metal key for backup, and the unit comes with an external battery box that can be plugged in to power the lock in case the internal battery dies. Overall I think the locking mechanism is adequate, but I have a feeling that someone with a long pipe could probably overcome the lock with brute force, but I'm not going to try it myself. Again, good enough for my needs.
The interior is lined (cheaply) with felt, good enough for my needs but not the highest standard you would find in a $2000 safe. There is a wood (MDF) shelf also covered with felt, and is adjustable to a few different heights. The internal lock box is not movable - it is welded to the walls.
Overall this is a great value for the cost. No it's not fire proof, it is not insulated at all and there is no seal on the door. It's a metal box with a lock, easily bolted to the wall or floor, and has enough internal padding and organization features to keep things from rubbing against each other. If you want a 2000-pound safe then go pay $2500 for something with a 2-hour fire rating. If you want a decent locker for $450, this fits the bill perfectly." — Jeff
Trending review: "I purchased this safe to secure my guns and overall I'm very happy. I didnt want to spend $1000 plus dollars on a safe and this checked all the boxes.
BLUF: If you are looking for an entry level safe that is built solid and offers a lot of perks that other similar priced safes don't, then don't hesitate to purchase this.
Construction/Material: Overall, the quality of the construction is solid. The safe walls and door are heavy duty steel (not thin like a cabinet) and have a nice weight to them. The handle feels solid and secures the door nicely. The bolts are a a good size and are evenly spaced on the door, not all in the middle like some safes I have seen. The interior is lined with felt and has a removable top shelf. The gun rack is secured in place, however, do wish it was able to be adjusted to account for shorter rifles.
Lock: The fingerprint scanner has worked flawless for me and was easy to program after figuring out the instructions, which were a bit confusing as others have noted. However, the company did send a video on how to program the safe which made it a lot easier. One feature that I wished they had was two factor authentication using the fingerprint scanner and pin together. You can open the safe with either option, but it doesn't require both. This means that if someone knows or guesses your PIN, they don't need to input a fingerprint to open the door.
Shipping: The safe arrived on time and was very well packaged (double boxed). There were no blemishes or dings in the metal.
Capacity: I was able to store 6 rifles with optics in the safe without major issue. I would say that depending on the size of your guns and accessories 7 is about max. However, I find that this is a common theme with gun safes. My rule of thumb is to always subtract 1-2 from the number that the safe says it can store." — Amazon Customer
Reassuring review: "Very good for intended purpose. Didn’t need anything bigger or heavier or more heavy duty.
Well engineered design and construction. Heavy duty enough but what with being about 112 pounds enabled me to bring it into the house and move it into place myself. Once positioned I used the enclosed lag bolts to bolt it down.
Biometric fingerprint sensor works well as does the programmable numeric keypad. Good to have several options for fast access. Very good to have key option as well. Even has external battery pack with plug to insert into receptacle on keypad. No worries about being unable to open, as some have encountered with other safes.
Tested alarm function and that worked well. LED lights inside are a nice addition too. (They turn off automatically so no batteries drain.)
Printed instructions could be better. Lead you to think that you can first time open using keypad. Not so as batteries (4 AA) not included! Use key to open first time. Allen wrench to remove keyhole cover is included. Recommend reaching out to seller prior to unboxing as they will send you a link to a video that explains how to setup. Much easier than printed instructions.
Packaging was very good. Several layers of cardboard with an inch or two of styrofoam in between.
Again, very satisfied for my needs. Naturally your needs may vary." — Robert

2. HOLOJOY - Home Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols

Top-Rated: 82 ratings

best fireproof gun safe


Highlight: Key unlocking, password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking with quick access,you can use one of them alone or a combination of unlocking modes to protect your valuables. In addition, there is an extra emergency override that uses a key to unlock, which makes unlocking your rifle safe more convenient and safer.

Helpful review: "Update! (HOW TO CHANGE THE PIN. After multiple attempts, I came up with another try and it worked. With the safe open and unlocked, Press followed by the factory programmed PIN, Press #, You should see green, Press again, Enter your new PIN, Press #, You should see green. You’re new PIN should now be set. I hope this helps :-) ) I really like the style and size. It seems well built for now and looks like it should last for a while. The one thing I need help with is changing the code. I read the instructions and tried at least 100 times. I have kids who are getting crafty and wouldn’t want them or a friend accidentally open it." — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "The gun safe arrive damaged, not by the seller or the shipping company. This was a defect straight from the manufacturer. Also the instructions are completely worthless. I spent over 30 minutes looking for the full instructions online. Once I download them, to my surprise, the keypad reset doesn’t work. I contacted the seller and they immediately took control. Once again, this was not the sellers fault or the shipping company. However they addressed my concerns and solve my problem same day. This type of Customer service is rare these days, but very much appreciated. Thank you!!" — Jereme McGuire
Reassuring review: "I'm not a bit gun owner with a big arsenal. This gun safe fits my one rifle and 4 handguns plus assorted ammunition just fine. Not too big, not too tall, not too wide. Fits in the back of my closet. Seems super solid; bolt's to your wall if you wish. Keeps guns locked up and would certainly foil the casual burglar. Affordable." — Rob Jordan

3. Tiskgg - Fireproof Gun Safe

Top-Rated: 287 ratings

best fireproof gun safe


Highlight: All illegal access is denied! Our fireproof gun safe provides an automatic locking system: if you enter the wrong password 3 times in a row, the buzzer will beep 5 times and it will be locked for 20 seconds; If the wrong code is entered 3 consecutive times again, it will be locked for 5 minutes. You can also set it to silent mode if you want.

Helpful review: "I recently purchased the Rifle Gun Safe, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with its features and functionality. This safe has proven to be a reliable and robust solution for keeping my firearms and valuables secure. Here's what I love about it:
🚚 Swift and Secure Delivery: The first thing that caught my attention was the speedy delivery. Living in a remote area, I expected to wait longer, but the safe arrived in just 3 days. The attention to packaging with a thicker cardboard box and protective corners ensured it reached me in perfect condition.
🔒 Fireproof and Spacious: The interior size of this safe is ample, accommodating up to 8 rifles, even those with scopes or optics. The ability to adjust the shelves is a plus, allowing me to customize the storage space. Additionally, the three ammunition bins on the door make it convenient to store accessories and ammo.
🛡️ Anti-Theft Design: The solid cold-rolled steel construction of this safe offers peace of mind, with anti-pry, anti-rust, and high-temperature resistance features. Its ability to be mounted to the floor or wall further deters theft, ensuring my firearms stay out of the wrong hands.
🔑 Versatile Locking Mechanism: I appreciate the three unlocking methods - password, emergency key, and an external battery compartment. The built-in LED light is handy for quick access, especially in low-light conditions.
🚨 Smart Alarm and Silent Mode: The safe's automatic locking system, along with the option for silent mode, guarantees that unauthorized access is deterred effectively. The alarm and locking sequences ensure an added layer of protection.
🔧 Easy Assembly: Assembling the gun safe was a breeze, taking less than 60 minutes. The included manual provides clear, step-by-step instructions, making the process hassle-free. The convenience of being able to disassemble it when needed to save space is a thoughtful addition.
💯 Excellent Customer Service: The lifetime warranty, technical support, and hassle-free return or exchange service are a testament to the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Their commitment to resolving any issues through open communication is reassuring.
In summary, the Rifle Gun Safe is a top-notch product that delivers on its promises. Whether you're a gun owner or simply in need of a secure storage solution for valuables, this safe offers exceptional value for money. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable and secure storage solution." — Jolly99
Trending review: "The video instructions made it appear easy to assemble -- and it was! I put it together mostly by myself, and asked my kid for an extra set of hands once. It arrived very well-packed with plenty of padding. Great job by the drivers to keep it from getting dented in transit.
It weighs just enough to be sturdy, but I can easily move it to the secure storage and bolt it to the walls. The accessories were nice to have and it fits together well, with little flex. It is not fireproof, but it does keep little hands off of things they should not be touching.
This should qualify for the Virginia state tax rebate for gun safes for next years tax season." — Robert Hartley
Reassuring review: "Item came well packed and undamaged. As others have noted this is NOT really a gun safe. It is not fireproof at all and in no way compares to a real, heavy duty gun safe. But that isn't what it's advertised as. It is easy to assemble (took me about an hour by myself) and it is easy to program the key pad. (note that the "reset" button is on the inside of the safe door--the instructions don't point this out).
For the money, it provides reasonably adequate security from all but a very determined thief. I am pleased with the purchase." — mauserwerke


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