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I Tested And Ranked The Best IWB Holsters

Searching for the best IWB holster? Look no further! After rigorous testing and evaluation, I've compiled a list of the top-rated options available. Dive into hands-on reviews to find the perfect IWB holster for your firearm.

Best IWB Holster

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. CYA Supply Co. - Base IWB Concealed Carry Holster

Top-Rated: 8,463 ratings

Best IWB Holster


Highlight: IWB Holster - Inside The Waistband - Easily Adjustable Retention Pressure & Carry Angle (Cant) 0-15 Degrees

Helpful review: "I have an IWB leather holster for my Glock G43 but I am not comfortable carrying an SA pistol that has a trigger safety in a soft holster unless it is not chambered but the idea of carrying is to have the pistol ready to fire if it is ever needed. So I decided to try a Kydex holster which makes me feel much better while carrying a Glock with a round in the chamber.
If you are like me, you most likely have a bunch of holsters because most people start with inexpensive holsters and then start spending more money for more appropriate and comfortable holsters. However, I found that while this holster is not too expensive (around $40.00 at the time of this review), it is very well made and it is very comfortable. I carry my pistol at 5 o'clock (more like 4:30) because I find that this position offers the best case scenario for being able to get to the firearm quickly, have minimal printing and not having to readjust the holster getting in and out a vehicle. Having the firearm in this holster I do not feel it bothering me while I sit even in vehicles that have bucket seats. It was delivered with a slight cant (not sure how many degrees) that allows me to grip the pistol easily and did not have to adjust it at all. The thing that I like the most is that it covers the length of the G43 slide perfectly so it does not touch your body while it makes it very easy to reholster the firearm without looking. Retention is adjustable and I loosened it just a bit when I first received it so now the firearm is still secure enough not to fall off even if I turn it upside down and shake it but also easy to pull of the holster without stretching your belt while the holster is pulling back on the pistol.
I own other IWB holsters for other pistols that I would call "perfect" but I paid at least 3 times this price and had them custom made so if you do not want to wait a couple of months or pay the price of a custom made holster, this one is highly recommended and you cannot go wrong with it. Also, you may want to consider the Hogue 18200 Hand All Beavertail Grip sleeve, Glock 42 & 43, black for this firearm, it helps a lot if you have large hands." — John V.
Trending review: "I love this holster. Fits my Taurus PT111 G2 like a glove!! Snaps in place so you know its secure. Comes with a little Allen wrench so you can adjust the tension for that perfect draw. I have another Inside Waist Band holster that has 2 belt hooks and a padded backing but just has too big of a print area around the waist. This CYA Holster has 1 belt hook and does a great job. Also has a little pull tab built into the belt hook for easy removal. Holster has a very small print for my millennium G2 and basically almost fits in the palm of my hand except for length wise. The edges are smooth and I love the carbon fiber look. I've read other reviews about some other holsters not being finished on the edges and causing discomfort but that's not the case with this holster. Just remember to adjust the tension to how hard you want your draw to be. And put your little Allen key somewhere safe. I wrapped mine with a small piece of duct tape and labeled it CYA Holster. pinned it to my bulletin board in bedroom. Just an idea.. This Holster is really comfortable to wear. My PT111 is fairly light so not a problem sagging. As with just about any if not all IWB holsters you will have a slightly larger beltline and I little sag of the belt unless you wear your belt so tight you can barely breath. I love mine... Love the way it fits. sometimes I can barely tell I have it on. I'm sorta surprised really, that it can be this comfortable.." — keneo
Reassuring review: "I've tried a few other iwb holsters that worked ok but this is definitely the best of all! This is my second one from CYA. I like the adjustments that include tightness, and positive "click" when pistol is put in holster. The trigger is fully covered, and the holster and gun are easily released and removed as a unit. Just be sure your belt is under the clip securely so you won't pull the holster out when drawing as with any clip on holsters." — Thomas Smith

2. Relentless Tactical - The Defender Leather IWB Holster

Top-Rated: 7,903 ratings

Best IWB Holster


Highlight: The Defender Leather IWB Holster offers classic American craftsmanship, combining function, comfort, and durability. Hand made from Genuine USA Bullhide Leather, The Defender Leather Holster is the ultimate “inside the waist band” concealed carry holster. Don’t settle for cheap, synthetic materials and shoddy craftsmanship. This comfortable, form-fitting holster is built to last while providing maximum protection, and letting you enjoy day-in, day-out comfort and performance for as long as you own it. The Defender Leather IWB Holster is designed for optimum concealment and ease of access when most needed. The firearms you carry are indispensable, and will be needed at a crucial time. You can’t afford to trust a flimsy, undependable holster. Feel confident wearing The Defender Leather IWB Holster from Relentless Tactical.

Helpful review: "I purchased this holster based off of the reviews, plus it looked more or less what I was looking for. My issue is that most holsters seem to be for little skinny guys and nothing is especially made for us guys w/ a big ol spare tire around the middle. I was pleasantly surprised to find this rides very well. I first tried it in the 1 o'clock position but that was pretty uncomfortable while sitting. Next I tried the 4 o'clock spot. Ta da!! It is comfortable both sitting and standing. Plus the "tire" doesn't overhang as much so it is relatively easy to draw. Now this is my 1st CCW/iwb holster but it seems to work. Will try to update down the road after further use.
UPDATE: Holster is holding up very well. Very little signs of wear and I carry more days than not. Incredibly satisfied w/ this holster. Buying another for a gift today!
UPDATE # 2: I managed to snag the metal clip and bend it beyond repair. Contacted seller to purchase replacement clip. They sent one at no cost!! I'm beyond impressed w/ this company. I might have to purchase another gun just to purchase another holster!! Holster is still holding up well." — Chris
Trending review: "Like most people, I was excited to receive my IWB Holster and anxious to try it out. I read the instructions and wrapped my XD9 with a plastic bag and left it in the holster for a few days. Then I took it for a test drive. At first i was disappointed as the holster was not easy to put on or keep in place and my pistol kind of stuck on the draw. Reholstering the pistol was not easy as well. I decided to leave the pistol in the holster without the bag and forgot about it for about two weeks. When I came back to it I had purchased another holster to use, but what I found was that the holster had molded perfectly to my pistol, with the imprint and all. when I removed the pistol the holster stayed open in perfect shape so I decided to try it again and this time the draw was perfect! now reholstering is still not too easy as I like to keep my belt tight, but I found that its easier to just remove the holster to reholster and then set back in my waist band. All in all I really like this holster and the quality craftsmanship and leather.
Pros: Quality Leather & Craftsmanship, comfortable IWB & conceals really well, quick draw
Cons: Takes a long while to break-in the leather, uncomfortable to reholster the pistol
All in all I do like this holster because I can remove it when i need to walk into a place that does not allow firearms as opposed to my other holsters that stay on my belt. I have a few holsters and this is the one I use the most." — AnaheimXD9
Reassuring review: "I bought this holster about six months ago and use it practically every day and it’s held up really well. I’m very pleased with the quality of the leather; it’s firm enough to properly hold my firearm in place but comfortable enough as an IWB that it doesn’t bother me, even after prolonged use. I also bought a left handed holster to use as an OWB, but I use that much less often. I prefer wearing holsters with clips because it’s a lot easier to put on and off in a hurry. The clip on this holster has pretty good stitching that isn’t fraying or separating, it’s a pretty solid holster. If you’re on the fence about this holster, just get it. You won’t find anything better in this price range, and it’s made in the USA.
I’ve bought other items from Relentless Tactical and I’ve been very pleased with their customer service. If something isn’t right about your item, they’ll respond quickly and will work to fix the issue. I will definitely buy more products from this company." — Indiego Industries

3. WARRIORLAND - IWB Kydex Holster Optic Cut & Claw Compatible

Top-Rated: 1,233 ratings

Best IWB Holster


Highlight: Compatible with Glock17/19/19X/26/44/45 Gen(1-5) & Glock 23/32 Gen(3-4). Incompatible with Glock 23/32 Gen 5 or any laser/light. Please note Glock 17 barrel would come out from holster about 0.5 Inch

Helpful review: "So I bought this holster for three reasons; # 1. It claimed to fit both my S&W EZ 9mm And my S&W EZ .380, #2 it had the claw already installed and included,#3. The Price.
I figured I'd probably hate it, it would be uncomfortable or it wouldn't fit both my handguns. I've spent a small fortune on holsters trying to find one that's comfortable and that works for me,
I'm 5'2 100 lbs. Over the years, I've bought specific ones made for women, belly bands, conceal carry shirts, IWB, OWB, you name it, none work well for me. Until now. As advertised both my 9mm and my .380 fit perfectly in this holster, BOTH clicked in, retention was great. It fits perfectly in the appendix and 4o'clock position. The claw worked perfectly keeping it from printing, which due to my small size is always an issue.
Update: I've now had this holster for weeks AND I LOVE IT! Of all my holsters this is now the only one I use." — Linda Kunzman
Trending review: "I acquired the IWB Kydex Holster a while ago for my Glock 43X. This holster has surpassed my expectations in terms of fit, functionality, and overall quality.
Perfect Fit and Optimal Security: The holster is specifically designed for the Glock 43X, and it fits like a glove. The Kydex material offers a secure and snug fit, ensuring that my firearm stays in place without any unnecessary movement. The retention is adjustable, allowing me to customize the draw tension to my preference for both safety and quick access.
Optic Cut for Enhanced Performance: The optic cut feature is an absolute game-changer. It accommodates my Glock 43X with an optic seamlessly, providing a precise fit and allowing for a smooth draw without any interference. This feature demonstrates the attention to detail and understanding of the needs of modern shooters.
Claw for Excellent Concealment: The built-in claw attachment on the holster is a brilliant addition. It effectively pushes the grip of the firearm closer to my body, aiding in concealment and minimizing printing. With the claw, I can confidently carry my Glock 43X without worrying about it being noticeable, even with lighter clothing.
Quality Craftsmanship: The IWB Kydex Holster exudes quality craftsmanship. The Kydex material used is sturdy, durable, and provides excellent protection for my firearm. The edges are precisely cut and polished, eliminating any rough or sharp edges that could cause discomfort or damage to clothing. The attention to detail is evident, making this holster stand out from the competition.
Comfortable and Versatile: Despite its rugged construction, this holster is surprisingly comfortable to wear for extended periods. The smooth texture of the Kydex and the thoughtful design prevent any discomfort or irritation against the skin. Additionally, the adjustable belt clips allow for versatile positioning, accommodating different carry preferences and styles.
In summary, the IWB Kydex Holster with Optic Cut & Claw is an outstanding product that has greatly impressed me. Its impeccable fit, optimal security, enhanced functionality, and superb craftsmanship make it a top-notch choice for Glock 43X owners. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a concealed carry enthusiast, this holster delivers on all fronts. I highly recommend it without any hesitation—it's worth every penny." — caleb conant
Reassuring review: "If you are reading this, I think we can agree that the idea of conceal carry is a good one. Just take a look at the world we are living in, it's crazy and unpredictable. So, yes, I believe it's a good idea to conceal carry. However, there can be a disconnect between the idea and the application. For whatever reason you decided to protect yourself, your family, even others initially was, if you don't actually carry, those reasons become moot. The way I see it, there are two factors that will determine if we are faithful to actually carry. First, the gun we choose. There is so much on the internet telling us why this gun or that gun would be better for us and how this brand or that brand needs to be our choice. Hey, I'm all for research, but a gun must fit the owner and not the other way around. The second factor and probably the bigger of the two is how I choose to carry. This includes position of carry as well as holster and belt. Here is where we find so many options as well as opinions. For me, I want comfort and consolability, that's it. My choice of carry position 80% of the time is appendix. What materials the holster is made from is of less concern to me than how it feels and how it rides.
Last week, I received my new Warriorland Kydex IWB Holster, actually two of them. One standard and one carbon fiber. I would like to talk about both of them, but to be honest, the carbon fiber model has grabbed my full attention.
Here are my impressions from out if the bag to wearing for about a week. First impressions were good. They are put together well and all the edges are rounded. For a holster like this, things are good if nothing bad jumps out at you. The only knock I have is that neither holster had the extra hole to attach the claw. Not a huge deal, I can drill a hole, but should I have to? Testing fit for the first time was met with a nice snap! They both fit my Springfield Hellcat Pro just right, which I appreciate because holsters for this model have not caught up yet.
As for putting the holster to use, it's slim and light. It sits at a good height and is comfortable for both sitting and standing. The claw helps to push it back to the proper position. I do think using a wedge, which I have not yet, would make concealability even better. Even with a t-shirt printing is not bad, but with a button down concealing is great.
So where am I at with these holsters? After a week, I am pleasantly satisfied. Why? Because I don't think about it. When wearing my rig, it blends to my body enough that I'm not constantly adjusting or worrying or wondering. That's the best part. This is a holster that simply does what it should do. That makes me more apt to carry.
Overall thoughts… Is this the greatest holster ever made? No (does that even exist?). Is this a good quality Kydex IWB option in a crowded field? Absolutely! What I would say sets this holster apart from others is the price point. Honestly, it's hard to go wrong here. Try it out and see what you think, I did and I will stick with this holster(s) until something distinctly better comes along." — Riley

4. GUN & FLOWER - Taurus G2C Holster

Top-Rated: 5,714 ratings

Best IWB Holster


Highlight: This G2C Taurus holster is tailor-made and also compatible for Taurus G3C, PT111 Millennium G2, PT140. Inside waistband polymer holsters for concealed carry your handgun. Please note these holsters are not fit for any attachment like laser or light accessories.

Helpful review: "This item shipped very fast. Upon arrival it immediately fit the Taurus G3c without any modifications or changes needed. The holster kept the handgun in place when shook upside down but was easily drawable from IWB position. I haven't used it much but it doesn't look like it'll scratch the slide either as the inside is well polished. I've seen reviews where people complain about the clip being too tight but isn't that the point? I can easily re-holster and draw perfectly (again as it came out of the box - no modification)." — dolphin
Trending review: "I am truly impressed by this holster. I have a kydex paddle holster for OWB of the same brand so I thought I would try this out. For years, I have been carrying at 6 o'clock with an Uncle Mike's size 16 for my Pt111 G2. My holster has started to stretch and wear so I decided to try something different. What I like about this holster is that it is rigid and adjustable. I have tried it in a lot of positions but find that it is most comfortable at 4 or 5 o'clock. I have a faster draw than carrying at 6 o'clock because I do not have to turn my hand around to grab from a left handed IWB holster. I really do not see the difference from the ones that cost 5 times as much. One tip I would give is that it is not a bad idea to loosen it up so that the holster doesn't pull off of your belt when drawing. Don't worry, your firearm isn't going to fall out. Great holster at a great price!" — Adam
Reassuring review: "I love this holster. Worked so well that I had to buy another in case they stop making them! The best features are the adjustable screws with the rubber grommets because it allows for my gun to be secure but still be released. This holster works better than some of the $50 holsters that I have bought in the past. The clip works great and holds tight to your belt and is hands down the best IWB holster I have ever had!" — Thomas Lynch

5. POLE.CRAFT - G19 Holster IWB Kydex Holster

Top-Rated: 4,828 ratings

Best IWB Holster


Highlight: Please feel free to use our portable holster to protect your Glock 19. This is our high-quality Carbon Fiber Kydex Holster Custom Fit: Glock 19 / Glock 19X / Glock 25 / Glock 44 / Glock 45 (Gen 1-5) & Glock 23 / Glock 32 (Gen 3-4) Pistol. It is not only highly precise, but also rugged and durable, and can be hidden and portable, so you can protect yourself anytime, anywhere.

Helpful review: "Needed a solid no frills IWB Holster. Thought I would give The Pole-Craft Brand a try. Priced very decent, Kydex quality, fitment looks & functions good for me. I have been wearing the system with no issues. My Gen4 Glock 19 has good "snap-in" lock fitment and function when entering and exiting of the Pole-Craft IWB Holster. The Kydex fit/ form, has a portion which is crafted around the mag release which I like. Mag release button is not exposed to being pushed by accident. You can also adjust "Cant-Position" too.
- All-in-all great product!" — A.C. Smith
Trending review: "As a nightlife security specialist in California, I focus on providing security for popular attractions and nightclubs in the Central Valley.
My duties include (but aren't limited to) hiring licensed security for my clients or directing them to private companies who can provide them with guards. I am often on site to stay in touch with management and check on my people, and when I do I am generally armed with chem sprays and a pistol. This requires an exposed firearm permit through the bureau of security and investigative services (BSIS) and additionally a concealed weapon permit.
When I choose to conceal the firearm, I need a reliable well-made holster that will not break or fall off of my belt in the event I have to be physical with somebody while helping the security team.
This product has stood the test of time through multiple situations where another product might have failed. It is sturdy, the clip is perfect for my belt, and you can tighten the screws to adjust the retention capabilities.
The design allows for a quick, quiet draw, and there are no flaws as far as I'm concerned.
It is worn inside the pants, with just the clip visible where it reaches out to grab your belt. It's carbon fiber, very slick, very lightweight. I run a Glock 19 in mine.
Have no reservations. I'd advise you to buy this immediately, assuming you have a compatible firearm.
Be safe & God Bless." — PhantomOfAmazon
Reassuring review: "Retention is very good, and the pistol is well protected- no sharp screw edges or anything inside. Concealability is ok for me but not great, this is something that varies per person due to factors like body type. I definitely recommend this holster as a good value IWB holster." — Casey

6. Amberide - IWB KYDEX Holster

Top-Rated: 2,511 ratings

Best IWB Holster


Highlight: Designed exclusively for Glock 19/19X/44/45 Gen(3-5) & Glock 23/32 Gen(3-4) (Note: Not compatible with light/laser attachments)

Discreet, Secure & ‘Posi-Click’ Retention: Holster your weapon seamlessly and confidently. Each time you secure it, a distinctive ‘CLICK’ will resonate, indicating a firm lock-in. It's a pledge from us—your firearm stays in place unless you decide otherwise, promising discretion and utmost safety

Helpful review: "I went down the Glock rabbit hole last week and needed an IWB holster. My current IWB for my SIG is fine. I went back to that company to make the purchase, but the cost seemed excessive. So I set out to look on Amazon and the web to find a new holster. My parameters were mainly cost, but I wanted the holster to have adjustable retention, adjustable cant and a sweat guard. Sifting through the hundreds of holsters companies with the requisite number of fanboy's, was draining.
Then I landed on this page. All my parameters were met AND the owner was retired navy. DONE!!! I was all in.
The holster is comfortable and the retention was perfect upon arrival. Workmanship, fit and finish was right on point. 4.0 or 5.0 (depends on when you retired ;)
I will be back for more.
Thank you for your service!
Patrick H.
Aviation Boatswain" — Ski
Trending review: "Well there are more comfortable, higher quality holsters out there, you’re going to pay a considerable amount more for them. I find the Amberide line of holsters to provide a safe and effective carry option at a very affordable price point. I have multiple Amberide to holsters to complement my higher end daily carry holster’s and have no regrets with the budget pricing balanced against the comfort and security provided by Amberide." — Big Weave
Reassuring review: "I have purchased two of these for iwb carry for a Glock 19 and a Glock 26. They are the best bang for your buck that I have found so far and I’ve spent twice as much on holsters from companies like We The People and Vedder. These holsters are rounded out in the front so they don’t take up as much space and they don’t dig into your body as much when sitting down. The molds they use are really good because the guns don’t shake around at all. The belt clip is secure and holds the holster in place when I draw quickly. The buckle adjusts from 0 to 20 degrees making different iwb carry positions really easy. I highly recommend these for the price." — alex


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