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I Tested And Ranked The Best Pistol Safes

Secure your handguns with confidence using the best pistol safes available. After thorough testing and ranking, I present top-rated options for your consideration, ensuring both security and affordability. Dive into hands-on reviews to find the perfect handgun safe tailored to your needs.

best pistol safes

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. ONNAIS - Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Top-Rated: 6,451 ratings

best pistol safes


Highlight: Our handgun safe has solid steel construction and anti-corrosion for increased durability and ultimate protection. This gun safe lid is also pry-resistant and is powered by 4 AA batteries. Also, there is enough space to hold two standard size regular frame pistols or many small items. The interior is padded with soft foam to prevent scratches.

Helpful review: "I will be comparing this too the Vaultek VT20 pistol safe as I now own both. I will start by saying the value of this safe is excellent. It appears well built and I could not find any visible flaws. It came very well packaged. The buttons are large and the biometric feature works very well. I was actually very surprised at how well the fingerprint reader worked to open the safe. I was also pleased it stores up to 20 different finger prints. The inside of the safe is spacious and it is lined with nice padded material. It locks securely and positively and it springs open very well.
Let me get down to the comparison; The VT20 was almost exactly twice the cost of this safe. And if I had opted for the biometric version of the Vaultek, the Vaultek would be nearly three times the cost. I can confidently say the Vaultek is better in every way. The Vaultek is nearly twice as heavy, has double walled construction, has internal hinges, and two locks which appear twice as thick as this safe. The padding is thicker and better on the Vaultek, it has rechargeable batteries(this one uses 4 AA batteries which are not included), an internal light, lighted buttons, and an app which helps you change settings and reset the safe in case of tampering.
With all of that being said, If you are looking to have a quick access safe which will keep a firearm safe from children at an inexpensive cost then this will do the trick. If you want more features and a more secure safe, AND are willing to spend 2 to 3 times as much, buy a Vaultek." — BLarson
Trending review: "I ordered this for under the bed to store my pistol in case of intrusion. I had been keeping my pistol in my husband's safe, but I feel this wouldn't help me in a time sensitive situation. In response to the code or fingerprint option, I found that this indeed accepts both. I wanted a code back up in case the fingerprint reader doesn't work in my haste. I would recommend setting a code that would be easy to punch in if you were in a panic and can't see. Not to say it should be short, it holds a code 5-15 digits long, so you can't still have a code that is hard to guess. I also turned the sound off for silent operation.. I just purchased this, so time will tell if it continues to be a good choice. One thing I thought was kind of funny... when I took the safe out of the box a few days ago, there was a key outside of the box, and another inside. I chose my two locations, one inside my husband's safe, and the other in my safe deposit box. When I went to recycle the box today, a third key was taped inside the product box! I thought it is only supposed to come with two keys, so, bonus! As for security, it is definitely not as tamper proof as the other safe, but I don't mind. I think someone could get this open if they had a lot of time to work at it, but it wouldn't be easy. They would have to destroy the safe to do so. It's secure enough for me. It will keep out curious guests like friends of my teenagers or future grandchildren. And it can literally be opened in a few seconds with my fingerprint or code, buying me precious time if I ever need it." — Migraine Girl
Reassuring review: "This is an excellent slim case to have close to you, such as a nightstand, desk, etc. whenever needed.
I use it in my nightstand and fits perfectly in my top drawer. It also comes with a cable to tie it to a post of some type to secure it down. Other good things is the ability to add multiple fingerprints work whether you have the safe turned in any direction, which is a plus if you just need to quickly reach over and use a fingerprint. There are 2 keys. It also fits under my Jeep JL car seat if I need to keep it there for any reason and use the cable to tie it to the seat frame. I can fit a handgun, couple of mags, knife, without an issue. It'll fit 1 full size gun and maybe a compact as well.
Room for improvement: having slots or brackets of some type to screw it tightly somewhere, but the cable will do for now. Also, there are 5 digits on the keypad, where I feel should be 10. But the combo of 5-15 digits works well.
Overall, I like it, been wanting one for a while and will definitely have great use for this. Strongly recommended!" — Ironhide Garage

2. RPNB - Pistol Safe for Multiple Handguns&Ammo

Top-Rated: 8,948 ratings

best pistol safes


Highlight: If you have young children who don’t understand the potential danger of firearms, it’s essential that you keep them safely stored. Placing them in this pistol safe is a responsible way to properly secure your small firearms at home or on the go.California DOJ certified

Helpful review: "I purchased this to secure my handguns from not only the grandkids, but others who may visit with us. The safe came nicely boxed and was very easy to set up. I was able to program 3 different fingerprints and a new PIN to open the safe in a matter of minutes. Very, very easy set up. The safe is very sturdy and opens nicely with some authority (give yourself some room when opening or hold your hand on the lid as it opens fast). The safe includes a foam pad to protect your guns and fits two weapons with plenty of room. Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware are included to mount the safe to the floor, wall, or in a nightstand drawer. Not sure of how it can withstand a forced entry as the side panels (plastic) could be removed allowing access to the locking mechanism through screw holes in the metal housing. All in all, I'm pleased and it fits my needs. I'd recommend this if your looking for an economical means for safely securing your weapons from unwanted access." — Olan
Trending review: "So I’m happy with the safe. It does and is exactly what I wanted. It’s sturdy and thoughtfully designed. It has room for 2 full frame pistols (although with 2 guns there’s no room for mags or anything else) or one pistol, spare mags and a light. The best feature and the reason I got it is it’s fast. Very fast. My current handgun safe is slow and finicky. On the current safe there is a full second (slightly more actually) between keying the code and the door opening. It also has about a 20% failure rate which given what it is, is unacceptable. By contrast the RPNB safe is super fast. Near instant. It’s under half a second between the last key being pressed and the door popping open. Ive also tested it with the key pad and the RFID key and fob about 100 times now with zero failures. What I can’t figure out is why everyone (including Amazon) seems to think this has a biometric lock. It does NOT. The little thing that looks like a finger reader is the RFID sensor (maybe in general y’all should read more) If you must have a finger print lock. This isn’t your safe. Also Amazon asked me to review how well the finger print lock works. Well it doesn’t. Because it’s imaginary. Get it together." — JMA
Reassuring review: "I bought this as a way to lock up my EDC when not carrying. I have 5 kids and needed to secure it at night. I knew going in an inexpensive model might not function well but that hasn't been the case. I expected to have the batteries fail and it not open but o have had it nearly a year and it has never failed to open. It is nice to have a key, combo, and fingerprint. The fingerprint reader can be finicky at times but if you give it a few seconds, it will usually read it on the second try. Combo has never failed. I have it set with a 5 digit combo and can type it in less than 4 seconds.
It also comes predrilled so you can bolt it down. I haven't had a single issue with this safe and would recommend. It's easier to get into than my other dial single gun boxes I have around the house. It also holds two pistols I have a compact and full-sized pistol in mine and the both fit without holsters. If you want the holster stored with gun, it will only hold one." — SPW

3. SentrySafe - Gun Safe with Digital Keypad Lock

Top-Rated: 1,671 ratings

best pistol safes


Highlight: For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded, alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years from the current year. Generic and rechargeable batteries often do not have the lifespan needed to support long term usage

Helpful review: "Update 07/11/19: The gas strut has lost some of it's umph and would no longer would open the the door. While I do like the fact it doesn't smash itself open, I was forced to have to pry it with my finger nail to get it to open. I pulled the gas strut off and put in a stronger (longer) spring which fixed the issue. I'm not certain how many cycles that strut has gone through but it has to be getting close to 3,000 at this point. With this issue fixed and the safe working again I will say I'm still pleased with the safe. It's doing everything I wanted from a small handgun safe.
Update 05/06/19: I've been using this safe now for a solid 14 months without issue. The gas strut still functions well and I've encountered no issues with it's functionality. As I open this daily at least 4 times a day, I would estimate I've put the opening mechanism through around 1,700 cycles minimum. It's likely closer to 2,500 but honestly I have not been counting. I'm extrapolating based on 4 to 6 opening cycles a day. Overall I'm still very pleased with this safe as it safely holds our firearms out of sight yet easily accessible.
This is a nice safe with the only draw back the battery life. My comparison point to this is the GV2000-DLX which I used for 9 years before replacing it this year with this SentrySafe. I purchased the 2 pistol safe which snugly fits my G22 & G27 (in an IWB holster) with 4 magazines. There are a few points you should consider after using this for a month.
This is a relatively heavy safe (as it should be). I say this because if you are mounting this inside a drawer you need to be sure your drawer can handle the weight. In my application I mounted it inside a clothes drawer so it is out of sight and it worked perfectly (the depth, length and height all were a perfect match for my drawer). I like the flat layout but be warned it will not shut well with items stacked on top of the guns or magazines being stored (basically you only can stack items 1 level deep). The safe opens quietly which is really nice when I'm leaving in the morning with my significant other still sleeping. It also opens slowly and doesn't snap 100% open which I really like. You can certainly open it faster with your hand but this was a big issue I had with the GunVault safe. The door on that 2 gun safe would slam down open and wack the surface it was mounted on or your hand if in the way. Not a great design in my opinion.
As you'll find out the combination does not work until you "activate" the safe by pushing one of the buttons. This means if you have a 4 button combination you must press 5 buttons in order to activate the safe. You'll want to get used to this as opening in the middle of the night will be next to impossible if you punch in your 4-6 button combination over and over until you are locked out. The only indication is a little blue light the blinks once for every button push. I like this rather than a sound personally.
The battery life is OK and balanced by the fact it uses 4 AA's which are cheap (you really should be using rechargeables). The current batteries lasted about a month before I replaced them (the little red LED started to blink at me). I open the safe 4-10 times a day 7 days a week so it definitely got a work out. I would estimate I opened it around 175-200 times on the set of AA's (2,400 mAh cells) before changing them. The safe was still working when I changed out the batteries and it likely would have continued to work for many more opening cycles. You can likely extrapolate that if you only open the safe 2 times a day you'll likely get 3 months or so between battery changes. It's nice to note that the safe remembered my programmed combination after the battery change. Not having to reprogram after each swap makes this way easier to swap out batteries as needed.
If I could change something I would increase the height of the safe by another 2 inches to allow more "stacking" of magazines or boxes of ammunition in the safe. It would be nice to be able to keep a few more magazines with the guns being stored. Time will tell as to how this ages but so far I'm very pleased with the safe. I would recommend if you have the space to definitely go with the largest one you can buy if for no other reason than to have more room for a different holster or magazines." — H W.
Trending review: "I got the safe and was able to install the battery and set up a code in minutes. It's heavy which is good. The gas strut is quite strong and will open the lid pretty quickly. I tested the buttons for quite some time. Only once did I mess it up when I forgot that the 1st button awakens it. I treated it as part of the combination. Had I looked at the light and noticed it hadn't come on I would have realized it.
Press a button, all 4 buttons light up blue momentarily. Presumably this is so you can now see where the 4 buttons are in the dark. If you were to just start pressing in a combination without seeing them there's a decent chance you'd get it wrong. In combination with the nub on the first button it should be easy to use in low light or darkness. Then with each button press a little green light lights up. You can feel a soft 'click' on each positive button press. Well not really a click, but you can feel the button bottom out. On the last button the lid pops up. You do need to be very positive with the button presses. I think it's good it's not super easy, someone could sit there and try to guess your code repeatedly (inquisitive kids?).
Mine had a nasty squeal when the lid popped up. Put a drop of gun oil on each moving spot .. on the last one at the bottom of the strut, the squeal went away. I won't ding it because it needed a drop of oil.
Holds a medium sized handgun easily with 2 magazines, maybe even 3 or 4.
Has holes for wall or floor mounting.
No cable included.
backup Keys included (x2). good instructions, included contact numbers for new keys or help." — rocketscience
Reassuring review: "Purchase this unit a few days ago after doing quite a bit of research - was really hard to decide where I wanted to mount it - also which company - also which unit - I read an incredible amount of reviews and decided to go with this unit - purchased the one for two guns and the LED light inside.
Product arrived in perfect shape condition - was very easy to set up and install - just read the directions - Finally chose to make it easy access for myself and through bolted it with backing plates to one of my dressers. These dressers are made of hard woods and very solid. I am a revolver guy, I currently am storing two J-Frame revolvers, one with a 2" barrel and the other with 3" with some ammo for quick access - I could fit larger revolvers easily . Unit seems very solid and heavy - If I come up with contrary information later down the road I will surely post updates. Sincerely , Mark C.
Ok!!!!! Please note !! This is an update to my first review written above - Now 19 months later I'm happy to report I still have flawless operating conditions with my safe - as well as - I'm still on the first set of batteries installed - probably pushing that - will be changing them out - my point is - the safe has worked for me perfectly - the only difference over the last 19months is I have changed as you can tell from the pictures from carrying revolvers to pistols. My three primary carry pieces fit perfectly in this safe along with back up magazines for each underneath the pistol. Sig P238 , Sig P938, S&W Shield M2.0 … Great product Senty - thank you. Mark C." — Mark C.

4. BILLCONCH - Handgun Safe for Nightstand Bedside Home

Top-Rated: 2,223 ratings

best pistol safes


Highlight: The handgun safe has a 2200mAh large-capacity battery and a low-power consumption chip. It has an external USB charging port, which can be charged anytime, and has a low battery reminder function, so you don’t have to worry about battery power! Fingerprint safe also has a silent function and a user-friendly design, and you can also switch to silent mode according to your preference. A pistol safe with LED lighting makes picking up and placing items in the dark easier.

Helpful review: "So far very pleased with the replacement safe and the customer service was excellent!! Fast response and concerned about their products quality.
The 1st safe received had issues with prints staying in memory. Print would not stay for more than a day, and was not very consistent. Sent a note to customer service and was given choices to correct problem, I chose a replacement safe and it has been doing very good the past week. All prints staying and unless I miss place finger or right after washing hands, they open every time.
Save is well constructed, I really like the double lock bars in it. It was easy to set up, and have not had any issues with the app access, setup or operating the safe. Like the options for renaming the safe and options/activities you can do once in the app.
Was easy to setup the admin and other access codes. I do like the menu system for inputting and deleting finger prints. Easy to turn the sound off if you do not want the noises. I thought the manual was pretty straight forward and did not have any issues with it, or understanding it.
As the manual says, when inputting fingerprints, do different placement and angles to make sure you get the complete print. Then I would test it 10 to 12 times before going on, and placing finger at different angles and positions to see what my limits were and to make sure was opening consistently.
Interior size is good, I can get at least to full size pistols in, or one and spare magazines. The light lights the interior well at night. As well as the back light on the keys and pads is very helpful in the dark.
Overall, VERY pleased, and would order again as well as recommend it." — Charlie V.
Trending review: "This is a review of the BILLCONCH Gun Safe, Biometric Pistol Safe with Voice Function, Two Handgun Capacity Firearm Safety. The box itself is sturdy and has a decent amount of weight to it. It can be opened in a few different ways: 1) a key, of which you are provided two. 2) fingerprint sensor (more on this later), 3) a 6 digit passcode, and finally, 4) you can use your phone if you are in bluetooth range.
I'm not sure how much I trust the physical key as it looks easy to pick from the outside. The lockpick lawyer could probably break into this fast but then again there isn't much that stops him, but this will stop your kids from getting it which is all I'm really concerned with. With the fingerprint sensor, the device can store a number of fingerprints so that if you wanted to grant access to your spouse or whomever, you can register their prints to open it. In this way, I would suggest registering multiple fingerprints of your own for one finger, as well as multiple prints for another finger. The purpose is twofold: in the heat of things, you don't want a false register, so if you have multiple registered prints of the same finger (taken from different angles), it's more likely to open up for you. But keep in mind, it also increases the chance of a false positive (rare, but possible). The other finger is because if you cut your primary finger, it may not read the scan and won't open. You can passcode it as well. Lastly, you can pair this with your phone and use an app to manage your fingerprints and its status and remotely unlock it even.
Inside the box, it's got sound proof foam and an LED light which may be a good or bad thing. Some people might want to tape it because losing any kind of night vision at night will give the bad guy's an edge and even seeing an LED light can dilate your pupils enough to make it harder to see in the dark. On the other hand, it could help you find your gun so weight your options but note you could always tape it so it doesn't shine.
It also comes with a removable, rechargeable battery. I like the external replacement battery because over time these things will eventually become weaker and weaker, so having the option to buy fresh batteries and easily replace them is a bonus. You can also see the battery indicator on the LCD panel to see a small indicator showing the battery life.
It comes also with a cable strap to secure the box to an object. This is to prevent someone from stealing the box and prying their way into the safe and getting your gun as they take time to open it. Not that it would be any threat to you, but you don't want a criminal using your gun so it's best to secure it.
The last thing I want to note is that if you hit the menu button then type in a passcode of 050 and hit enter, it will enter the box in silent mode, which should be left on 100% of the time. If not, when you open the box it beeps and says Welcome. In a quiet situation, you don't want to give yourself away.
Overall, I'm satisfied with this safe. I feel secure that my kids won't find my gun (I put the box way up high anyway) but it allows me access to it in an emergency situation." — Carfo
Reassuring review: "I don't anymore, but I used to run marathons and half marathons in my 20's. The problem was my wallet and my ID I'd have to leave in the car. I used to leave the car key on top of one of the tires obscured by the wheel well, but when parked in a public lot in Houston, I had the window smashed, and my money stolen. It was nice of them to leave my ID behind, so I didn't have to get a new license, and back in the day I didn't use credit cards. I was a bit paranoid for months after cause they did have my address. I don't think I did anymore 10K races the rest of the time I spent in Houston. They didn't find the car key on the top of the tire, but it was easy to pop the trunk and grab my cash. This device would help that, and there are some situations today where I would find good use for this device.
For one the gym, today I have credit cards, one of those all purpose "read ID" drivers license, and other information in my wallet. I carry a cell phone with personal data and other information I don't want to lose. This comes with a cable that would take one of those big cable cutters to cut, and not too may thieves carry those around without risk of being noticed. So the cable can be attached to a secure metal part inside the trunk, and I can deposit my phone wallet and papers, main keys, and take a single car key, and wear it around my neck, and hit the gym. Those easy to crack lockers in the changing room no longer make me an easy theft target. Even if someone breaks my car window and opens the trunk they are not likely to get this.
I would suggest not using a PW, hiding the keys, not setting up a phone app, although it will do all of these other methods, the best one is the finger print. It's the fastest and likely the most secure method of entry. Whether using it for a gun or like me for passport, money, expensive Rolex watch, and other documents this can be secured in the home for not so easy theft. I have a large heavy safe, not easy to carry off. There is a place to use a tie down cable inside. This is small enough to fit in the safe and then there are two major obstacles for thieves to have to conquer. Even though I don't use it for this cause I don't own a gun, I recognize the importance of the safe for those who do. Kids of all ages love the feel, and look of a gun. Even older ones can get reckless, here keep the keys with you or hid them well (or put them in the safe). Do not set up the other methods beyond the finger print. You will now have protection against your kids or their friends screwing around with your pistol, and maybe causing a tragedy. Recommended, for gun owners or those with small items to secure." — Courtland J. Carpenter

5. VAULTEK - Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe

Top-Rated: 460 ratings

best pistol safes


Highlight: NEW OPTICS READY DESIGN allows you to store your pistol with your ideal optic scenario. Refined Interior features a high density foam holster to protect a single firearm plus 1 spare magazine. Fits handguns up to 8.875” in overall length. Interior LED lighting easily illuminates your firearm.

Helpful review: "I got the Wi-Fi + Bio-metric version and all of the features have worked perfectly. The hardest part for me was to register the safe with Vaultek, you need a number off from a sticker in the battery compartment. This was difficult for me to see, but I finally got it and it's a one time hassle. (no hassle if you don't care to register it.)
I read the instructions thoroughly and was able to easily set up a number code unlock sequence, The 2 admin fingerprints and then others. After that I downloaded the Wi-Fi app and connected the safe to the app and my home network with no issues.
I have tested the fingerprint scanner dozens of times with multiple fingers and while holding my fingers at different angles and it has never failed to open. I have also attempted to use the 2 fingers that I have not programmed into it and it does not open as it shouldn't.
I love the phone notifications that I receive whenever anything happens with the safe like tampering detected, safe opened and with which fingerprint, incorrect unlock code entries and so on. It keeps a detailed log of all of the events that happen.
The safe itself is built well and very sturdy, giving me piece of mind when it comes to the security of my firearm, while still giving me quick access to it if needed. The slider opens fast and is a little louder than I expected, but not too loud. The interior fits my firearm well. For reference I am using a full size 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 with no optics (but might add optics later, there is plenty of room for one).
It's definitely pricey, but it ticked the boxes of all the features that I wanted and I am very happy with it.
If you want the instant phone notifications, even while away from home, make sure to get the Wi-Fi version!" — Jason S.
Trending review: "The VAULTEK Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe is an impressive addition to the world of firearm security, offering a combination of advanced technology, rugged construction, and user-friendly design.
The standout feature of this safe is its quick auto-open sliding door mechanism. This innovative design allows for rapid access to your handgun while maintaining security. The door opens smoothly and quietly, ensuring that you can retrieve your firearm swiftly in case of an emergency.
The inclusion of a rechargeable Li-ion battery is a practical and eco-friendly touch. It eliminates the need for constant battery replacement and provides reliable power for the safe's electronic features. The battery life is commendable, ensuring that the safe remains functional over an extended period of time.
The rugged construction of the VAULTEK Slider Series safe inspires confidence. Its durability is apparent in both the exterior materials and the reinforced locking mechanisms. The safe is designed to withstand tampering attempts and provide dependable protection for your handgun.
The smart technology aspect adds another layer of convenience. The safe can be controlled via a dedicated smartphone app, allowing you to check battery levels, tamper alerts, and even remotely unlock the safe when needed. This level of control and monitoring enhances the overall user experience.
It's important to consider that this safe is designed for handguns, so it might not be suitable for larger firearms or multiple items. Additionally, the smart features may require periodic software updates for optimal performance.
The VAULTEK Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe offers a blend of cutting-edge technology and robust construction. Its quick auto-open sliding door, rechargeable battery, and smartphone app integration make it a standout option for firearm owners seeking secure and accessible storage solutions." — SoCal_Amazon_Customer
Reassuring review: "When I unboxed this the setup seemed straightforward. I was able to quickly mount this, and get it plugged in. However, programming fingerprints has not been easy. Also make sure you pay attemtion to what App you download because this only works with the 2.0 app, i learned that one the hard way. I was able to program codes, and it took several tries but eventually programmed the Nano Key. The Fingerprints however are not really working very well for me. I've been able to program two prints, but when I go back to use the print it wont recognize my finger. So as a Biometric there is room for improvement, maybe others do better but for me its still a struggle. I tried to remove the prints and start over, but you need an Admin print to be able to do that.. and none of the prints I've been able to program will recognize me after I've programmed the print in order to delete the existing ones and start over. So its dumb, but overall I like that its plug in, and that its rechargeable, and that the app will alert you if someone attempted to tamper with it. This is the best most full featured pistol safe, it does release quickly with the code and the nano, so overall 4 out of 5 start. Disappointed in the Biometric so far, I'll update later if I can ever get that working as advertised." — Jobu's Corner


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