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I Tested And Ranked The Best Red Dots for Shotgun

Elevate your shotgun's performance with the best red dot sights designed for precision and ease of use. I've extensively tested and ranked the most popular options in America to provide you with hands-on reviews, ensuring you find the perfect red dot sight to enhance your shotgun experience with the ideal blend of accuracy and affordability.

Best Red Dot for Shotgun

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. HOLOSUN HS510C 2 MOA Reflex Red Dot Sight

Top-Rated: 5,609 ratings | 474 answered questions

Best Red Dot for Shotgun


Highlight: Holosun HS510C red dot sight is equipped with MRS to let you select a fast sight picture for shorter distances with a 65 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot.

Helpful review: "I've had an RMR and a few Vorted red dots. The RMR had the dimming issue I resolved with an antiflicker plate and I loved it. The Vortex dots aren't sexy but they just work. I could punch a penny at 25 yards with both.
This new Holosun however beats them all. The features, construction, and options put it above the competition at almost half the price.
Perfect cowitness with the BUIS that came with my B&T GHM9. Took a considerable amount of left to right adjustment, but the up down was dead on.
The shake to wake feature gives it true "Go Gun" status. No fiddling with buttons to turn it on. In a bad situation you don't want to have to try to turn one on when you really need it. Pulling it out of your bag will bring it to life and you're ready to rock.
Autodimming is also a great feature my RMR and Vortex dots didn't have. Once enabled you will see a noticeable and immediate difference going from dark/dim to brighter areas. Works excellent outside. The feature is disabled by holding the + button for 3 seconds. This would be ideal if you're in a shaded environment and your target is outside in a brightly illuminated area.
In the higher brightness settings you can still see the reticle when you point it towards the sun. You won't lose your dot in bright areas.
The reticle options are also very hand. 2moa dot will help you plink pretty far down range and the larger 65moa reticle will give you fast acquisition at closer range. They defiently both have their place. And neither the RMR or Vortex dots offered multiple options.
The battery life is supposed to be incredible. I haven't had it long to know, but all testing has shown you'll have years between battery changes. Keep in mind it does come with a spare battery tray so you if your grip has storage you can keep the included torx tool and spare battery with you when it becomes an issue.
The solar feature is reassuring. Worst case scenario youre in the field or fight and the battery dies. If you are outside in the sun, or have enough ambient light the dot will still work. If SHTF and batteries are no longer available, you'll still be able to use it.
The value, man.. It is just a no brainer. Half the price of an MRO or RMR. More features. More rugged design. The Alamaba Arsenal torture test includes, pouring water on it, throwing it 20ft into the air and letting it hit the ground, freezing it in ice, beating on it, and SHOOTING it with a shotgun, and it still held zero.
The quick release mount also saves you an extra $150 if you were running other dots and allows for a perfect BUIS cowitness. Mine fit a little loose when I first installed it. I used the included tool and tightened the mount one turn and it clamped down with the force of an Amazonians thighs during Snoo Snoo. Absolutely solid now and still easy to release with the convenient latch keeper.
The picture is incredible. The thinner profile sides and large viewing window give a natural feel and you're not chasing the dot around. No toilet paper tube EFFECT or black glob in the corner like with the Vortex Sparc AR. With boys eyes open you hardly notice the frame. You just see everything as well as a dot in your FOV.
I will probably buy another one for my next Scorpion build. Can't imagine anyone coming out with a better optic for the money." — Marco Chavanne
Trending review: "Glass Optical Quality/Characteristics
Holosun 501c: Excellent – Glass adds almost imperceptible blueish color. The coating on the glass nearly completely blocks red laser light.
EoTech XPS2-0: Excellent – Glass adds almost no color.
Trijicon MRO HD: Good – Has almost imperceptible magnification factor (probably around 1.05x). As noted by other reviewers, it is possible to sometimes see a reflection of the emitter/circuit board. This reflection is only visible under unusual/momentary lighting conditions. Neither the magnification nor occasional reflection bothered me.
Dot Quality/Characteristics
Holosun 501c: Excellent – nearly perfect line/dot quality. Very cool ability to switch between a single red dot and a red dot surrounded by a 68 MOA segmented circle.
EoTech XPS2-0: Good – but the center dot and the segmented circle is slightly fuzzy, like it is made up of a bunch of tiny, smudged pixels. Cannot switch to center red dot only.
Trijicon MRO HD: Excellent – nearly perfect line/dot quality. Very cool ability to switch between a single red dot and a red dot surrounded by a 68 MOA segmented circle.
Holosun 501c: Very good – almost no/very little perceptible parallax.
EoTech XPS2-0: Excellent – almost no perceptible parallax.
Trijicon MRO HD: Very good – almost no/very little perceptible parallax.
Holosun 501c: Rated at 50,000 hours with one CR2032 for dot-only, 20,000 hours for dot + segmented circle. Also has “shake to wake” feature. Can be left “on” for years.
EoTech XPS2-0: Rated for ~500 hours with CRA123. Auto shutoff feature means that it may not be “on” if grabbed in the middle of the night.
Trijicon MRO HD: 2.5 Years of continuous use of dot; 75 days of continuous use for complex reticle.
Bulk/Field of View
Holosun 501c: Largest viewing window, with several milimeters of additional height over the XPS2-0. Thinner/smaller metal casing, resulting in near-perfect field of view. No visible battery compartment.
EoTech XPS2-0: Large viewing window. Slightly thicker casing than Holosun, but forward battery placement allows for otherwise unobstructed view (i.e. compared to Aimpoint PRO).
Trijicon MRO HD: Smaller tubular viewing window, but still easy to use with both eyes open. Slightly bulky control wheel on top (also holds battery).
Holosun 501c: Made in China. Overall seems well built. Quick Detach level is relatively thin metal and could break or bend if dropped while half-way open. Otherwise, seems like it could hold well through hundreds of QD cycles. LED emitter is not fully enclosed and could theoretically be damaged (but very unlikely as it is recessed).
EoTech XPS2-0: Made in USA. Seems very well built.
Trijicon MRO HD: Made in USA. Seems well built. Mount is not quick release and requires unusual keyed tool to attach/detach with screws." — CAAmazoner
Reassuring review: "This is not a small red dot site and only appropriate for a shotgun or rifle. It is 3" long and I think I read it weighs about five ounces plus. I mounted mine on a Mossberg 500 SG, so it's in keeping with an otherwise hefty gun. That's just fine with me and its metal body exudes sturdiness and looks like it can take abuse!
It worked right out of the box which left me confused, since I hadn't found the included battery, but it was already installed. It comes with a second battery tray which could come in handy and is metal, not plastic. Actually, it is all metal and no polymer anywhere. Like I said, it is a beast and rock solid; you will see what I mean if you buy it.
I was looking for a reflex site that had great FOV and this has it in spades. You can button through three reticle profiles from dot, dot and circle and circle. The brightness has 12 levels of adjustment and does so automatically or manually lock in a level. Of course it has 'shake awake' that is instantaneous; just what I was looking for.
I must say that I have not owned a red dot before, but I have tried them on pistols belonging to friends and had a hard time acquiring the dot. Not so on this optic; it's there, it's obvious and no mistake about it. You can read the specs on this, but I have no hesitation recommending it to someone who has a rifle or shotgun.
I also bought a Laser Bore Sighter that chambers in the gun to get me close. Sighting in a SG is not all that pleasant with magnum buckshot loads! The seller shipped fast and I had it in new condition in two days. Good luck!" — John Dougherty

2. Vortex Venom 3 MOA Red Dot Sight

Top-Rated: 5,583 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Best Red Dot for Shotgun


Highlight: The Venom Red Dot will fit well on your shotgun giving you optimal flexibility. O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating for reliable performance in all environments.

Helpful review: "After months of looking for a red dot sight for my rifle I settled onto this. I had been debating between Vortex, EOTech, Trijicon, and AimPoint and what sold me on this sight was the design and the price as well as the performance that I read up on from reviews. I was orginally considering the EOTech 512 Holo but soon found out that they have a class action lawsuit against them for that optic due to issues with accuracy in areas of high heat or extreme cold. I live in AZ and right now the average temperature is about 116 F (46 C) and I did not want my optic to become compromised in the desert heat. Onto the Trijicon, well unfortunately the MRO was out of my budget but it is still a very good optic and if I had the money I would definitely consider picking one up. Sadly this was also the case for the AimPoint optics as well. I asked a friend who works for the NE State Patrol what optics he preferred and he said that he and his family only use AimPoint. For a State Patrolman to fully trust a product that much it must be good but unfortunately I do not have $400 to spend on a 1x optic so I had to pass. That is where this little guy came in. Now Vortex has many options for 1x sights like the Strikefire for example, however I wanted something different. The Venom is precisely what I was looking for, just in a a smaller package than what I expected. When I was looking at it people were saying how well it fit their AR-15's and other rifles and so I bought this. The price was right, the design was right, and the Vortex warranty didn't hurt either. When I received the sight was dismayed to realize it was mini red dot, it was more designed for AR's with free float barrels, shotguns, and handguns rather than AR's with A2 posts. So I hopped on Amazon to see what a riser would cost me and I was taken aback by the price of the Vortex Quick Release Riser Mount at $100, needless to say I found a better option. Once I got everything squared away and lined up I took it to the range and sighted it in. The adjustments were quick and easy and I was able to sight it in for 50 yds. After a few thousand rounds and a few trips in the desert heat, this optic has held up well and looks pretty decent to boot. If you don't have more than $250 to spend on a sight and don't want a scope, this is a good optic." — Ryan Grobe
Trending review: "I mounted the Vortex Venom on my Mossberg 935 12 gauge turkey gun. I was originally worried that it would succumb to the recoil of 3 1/2" magnums as most people mount these sights on 223 platforms or on pistols. So, for all you shotgun hunters, no need to worry as far as I can tell. It has thus far taken the shock of fifteen 12 gauge 3 1/2" turkey shells and never shut off. The battery cover also stayed tight after all those rounds. The mount is solid and the point of impact has not shifted at all. I torqued the sight to the baseplate with two TORX screws at 20 in lbs. and attached the sight to the picatinny rail with 20 in. lbs. There are no specs given for torque from Vortex so I improvised using 20 in lbs. as a baseline for both. It worked. The manual adjustment controls are small but I had no problem with them using bare hands. Thick gloves would definitely hamper the adjustment of dot brightness. I loved the fact that the sight can be adjusted manually up and down or you can use the auto brightness feature.The dot was crisp and only appeared to become elongated if I was looking at it for a long time. If you have an astigmatism OR you decide to increase the brightness level above practical levels for the lighting environment, its important to note that you may be prone to seeing flare on the dot which will make it look like a dot with a very small streak and may appear less crisp and round. I think it is the nature of these smaller sights with less than optically perfect components to produce this effect. You can spend $229 for the Vortex and get a really good sight or spend $600-700 for an Aimpoint and get perfection-your choice. Time will tell if my review holds at 5 stars but as long as it continues to work and doesn't lose zero I will keep my comments positive. The only small negative was that the windage and elevation adjustments do not have positive audible "click" graduations. However, I believe the W and E screws are under enough tension to keep them from free spinning under recoil." — Hunter35
Reassuring review: "Mounted this in a Mossberg 930. Haven’t taken it to the range yet but it seems to be a very high quality piece of gear. I tried several other tube style red dots on the shotgun but for each one I lost my cheek weld. This is low profile enough that I don’t have to change my shooting style to use it. Vortex warranty is amazing should I ever need it. I own Vortex, AimPoint, EOtech, Trijicon and others. Vortex definitely stands up to the competition." — Dan

3. Burris FastFire III with Picatinny Mount Red Dot Sight

Top-Rated: 2,648 ratings | 858 answered questions

Best Red Dot for Shotgun


Highlight: Convenient power button with three levels of brightness and an automatice brightness setting.

Helpful review: "I purchased this sight to mount on my Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Full Size pistol. I do not have the C.O.R.E model so I had to purchase a mounting mechanism separately. I decided to use Sight-Mount to replace my rear sight. Sight-Mount gives you a short picatinny rail section and installs in the rear sight dove tail. It does have the rear iron sight, so if I remove the red-dot, I still have good iron sights to use. Other mounting mechanisms replace the rear sight and you no longer have iron sights to fall back on. Be advised that Sight-Mount recommends drilling and tapping your slide for a third mounting screw for a solid mount (you'll need a gunsmith for that). The Burris FastFire III with the included Picatinny mount fits on the Sight-Mount rail perfectly. Everything is very tight and secure with this mechanism, and with the gun's recoil and moving slide, it has to be.
I took this to the range and had no problems zeroing the sight at 10 meters. The adjustments are very easy to make (1 MOA per click) and it holds zero very well. This model has an 8 MOA dot which is quite large (8 inches at 100 yards) and meant for close distances. I have tried this sight out to 25 yards (max at my indoor range) and the sight is very accurate between 5 and 25 yards (you do have to compensate your point of aim at different distances depending on the distance you zeroed the sight). For handguns, 8 MOA is a really good size because you are typically shooting at relatively close distances.
There is a combination on/off and brightness square rubber push button switch on the left side of the sight. The sequence is ON - AUTO Bright - High Bright - Medium Bright - Low Bright - OFF. It does have an auto off feature, and if the sight turns itself off, the next time you push the button it will activate whatever the last mode you were using. The Auto setting is very good and the light sensor at the front of the sight will adjust the dot intensity pretty well. I have tried looking at the dot from a dark room and into a brightly lit room and the dot is dim but still very good. The opposite, from a brightly lit room into a dark room, the dot is quite bright, but again very good and usable. Even on the brightest setting, the dot is a whole lot less distorted than I've seen on other, even more expensive sights.
This sight has the battery access from the top of the sight, unlike the previous version of this sight where you had to dismount the sight and disturb your zero to replace the battery. The cap is finely threaded aluminum that is easy to cross-thread if you're not careful. The battery that came with the sight was dead, so I used a replacement battery (CR1632 3 Volt) and had no trouble installing it. The sight is small so finding the dot for the first time took me a bit, but once you get used to the sight, finding the dot is no issue. The sight is made with an aluminum chassis and appears to be very durable, but I'm not abusing the sight intentionally to test how durable it is.
The sight is really great. With my old eyes not able to focus in on the front sight post of my pistol, this red dot sight allows me to be a lot more accurate than with the iron sights. This allows you to easily shoot with both eyes open and focused on the target. With iron sights, its easy to get tunnel vision. Besides, if you are being attacked, you are focused on your attacker and probably not on your front sight. The red dot sight gives you a real advantage in this regard.
The only complaint I have, is that the sight does not come with a protective cover. It does come with a big sun shade, but I would like a small cover so I can protect the sight when I'm cleaning my gun. You can easily get cleaner on the lens of the sight and it's a pain to get completely clean again. You really don't want to dismount the sight once it's zeroed so this is one drawback. I now use some plastic wrap to cover the sight while I'm cleaning it.
Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of this sight. I have fired a few hundred rounds with this sight and it has held zero perfectly. The mounting is solid and handles the recoil and movement of the slide very well. The 8 MOA dot is easy to pick up, and the sight provides me a more accurate sight picture than with the iron sights. I'm happy with this purchase and can recommend this sight to anyone." — Linc5870
Trending review: "In general: This is a good value red dot sight. I chose the 8 MOA for my Keltec KSG 12ga shotgun. I figured the practical range would be no more than 100 yards but more likely 25 yards. At 25 yards, the dot covers approximately 2 inches on the target, which I feel is very appropriate for a shotgun. As other reviewers have noted, you will probably want a riser if you are putting this on a weapon with a flat top receiver: I chose the "UTG Medium Profile Riser Mount with 3 slots" on Amazon for about $8.50 and have been happy.
Comparative shopping: I wanted the "heads up display" type of red dot (aka Trijicon RMR) over the "scope" type (e.g. Bushnell TRS-25). This Burris system is very similar in look and feel to the Trijicon RMR, but for less than half the price of the Trijicon. The biggest functional advantage the RMR has over the Fastfire III is the RMR has a motion detection system: the site will automatically turn on when it detects motion, and shutoff later. I see that as a clear advantage when something goes bump in the night and you reach for a gun with the RMR - the sight system is ready to go. With the Burris, you have to remember to turn on the sight when you grab your gun - which you may not do in a high stress situation. I find that an acceptable tradeoff, with the understanding that it shall be incumbent upon me to train switching on the site system when I reach for the shotgun. Training, training, training.
My first impression: the sight system is tiny: the lense is smaller than a quarter. It seems too small. However, once you have it mounted and you shoot with it, you will realize it is the right size afterall. I took care with the battery cap, and I did not have a problem unscrewing or rescrewing it as some other reviewers have observed. The description says "tool-less windage and elevation adjustments" which I don't agree with. The kit comes with a tiny screw driver, and you will need that or some other screw driver to twist the dials to make adjustments.
Second impression: I was able to quickly sight in the system at 25 yards by shooting a few slugs and making windage and elevation adjustments, then repeating the process. After about 5 tweaks, I was hitting bullseye or close each round and I was a happy camper. I found the autobrightness setting worked fine indoors. It always seems dimmer than you would expect, but it works and you forget about it. The manual (hi-med-low) settings can also be used but tend to be either too high or too low; I will probably stick to the auto setting for all future use. After about 40 rounds of mixed slug and buck, and I was very happy. Then I checked the UTG Riser and was shocked to find it was very loose - I tightened it with several turns on the set screw. Likewise, I then checked the Burris Fastfire III and found it was loose. After tightening it firmly with its set screw, I resumed firing the KSG and was frustrated to find that I was not even hitting the target at 25 yards. Suffice it to say, I will consider using Locktite or something similar after zeroing it in again.
Note: I have a pair of Magpul MBUS (Magpul Backup Sites) installed in tandem, just in case of the Burris's battery or system failure. They did not loosen from 40 shotgun blasts, and were still on zero.
A final observation. At full brightness, the user can see that the red dot is not in fact a single red dot. It is more like 6 or 8 tiny red dots arranged in a star type of pattern. I noted right away the star in my system is not even, that is to say, not symmetric. It seems a little deformed, or smaller on one side. I was worried when I first noticed that after powering the system on. I worried that it was a sign of poor quality control at Burris and perhaps there would be usage problems. In fact I found that isn't the case. In both outdoor and indoor range usage, I found when staring through the sight at a distant target, the red dots become a red dot, and the human eye is no longer distracted by the sight system itself a few inches away.
I like this sight system enough that I will probably buy another 8 MOA for a handgun if I ever buy a handgun with a rail system on the top. I recommend a 3 MOA for anybody with a rifle." — An Amazoner
Reassuring review: "I now own three of these. I got the first one for my turkey shotgun after having some focus issues with my eyes. I hate to admit it, but I am getting a bit older as far as my eyes and a couple of gobblers got out of Dodge when using my turkey scope and/or the vent rib. I researched forever trying to figure out if I wanted 8 or 3 moa and I am so glad I got the 3 as it doesn't cover up my target too much which forces me to aim a bit better. My turkey season last year was a lot more successful with it and after taking that pounding (my 12 gauge kicks like a mule) it still holds the first zero and I haven't adjusted it one bit.
Next I decided I wanted to try one of these out on my new handgun; a Canik TP9SFX. Talk about quick to set up and zero, and start dinging the metal target I have. Before this pistol and this set up I couldn't hit the proverbial barn with any type of pistol. I don't know how many times I said I would never own a pistol cause I could never hit anything with em. The Canik and the FF3 sure changed that. That Canik came with just the right optics plate I needed and its just a sturdy, quality set up.
I also just got a Taurus TX22 and after once again not being able to focus well on the rear, front, and target with the open sights it was just a no brainer to get the FF3 again. I mean you push the button once and it auto adjusts to the light outside. It has two other settings, but I have never needed them in any light, in any hunting situation, or any target shooting I have done. Hit the button three more times to turn it off. I like simple and dependable things. This is it. I have also never had a battery run out on me yet, but I do have some spares just in case.
About the only thing I could ever say bad about it is to just be patient with putting the battery in it and tightening the lid as I can see how it would be easy to strip, but being able to not have to take the sight off the gun to put a new battery in it is well worth being careful putting the battery lid back on. And most sights I have seen like this have similar battery compartments if it is on the top of the sight. For me, this sight lets me continue to hunt and shoot the way I was taught; safely, accurately, and always in focus. I also never leave reviews so I hope that tells you something too!" — Shawn G. Groves

4. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

Top-Rated: 15,101 ratings | 1000+ answered questions

Best Red Dot for Shotgun


Highlight: Mounts easily on most picatinny rails and is compatible with pistols, shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders.

Helpful review: "i bought this sight for my shotgun. as always amazon delivers promptly. the packaging in no frills. cleaning cloth, allen key, manual, warranty card, and this little sight. bushnell made an excellent aimpoint T1 clone. the sight is very well built, rugged, and simple. after finding my preferred placement on the weaver rail, i added some drops of blue loctite to the screw and the threading on the locking plate. and tightened about half a turn past a firm resistance. let it sit for 10 minutes, then unscrewed the windage and elevation adjustments. slapped in my bore sight, and zeroed it. took it to the range, 25 yards with slugs. first round on target. 400+ shotgun shells later, its still perfectly zeroed. i have 100% confidence in this product. its low profile lets me cowitness my iron sights just in case. but i haven't used them since really. battery life seems ok, haven't replaced it yet.
to sum up. simple micro dot sight. clean glass and a bright dot. 400 rounds or more flying out of a semi automatic 12 gauge should be test enough that this sight wants to stay in place. for its price range their are few if any competitors that wouldn't have disintegrated from that abuse." — M. Gomez
Trending review: "Bought this for my Mossberg 500 12-gauge and mounted it on a cheap UTG rail. Overall, a pretty good red dot that I purchased via Amazon Prime for $42.
The one issue I have is there’s a piece inside that slightly obstructs the view. You can see it in my photos at the 5 o’clock position.
When you actually look through the sight and see the red dot on a target, you really don’t notice it too much. But if you have OCD, it might be a bit too annoying.
At first, I thought it was defective. Then I realized it’s a normal part of the sight. I have a $600 Aimpoint Micro T-2 (on my AR) and confirmed it also has that little square piece at the 5 o’clock position in the tube but it’s not as prominent. I’m assuming it’s a needed part.
Overall, I’d recommend this red dot sight especially at the price point. I won’t be using this shotgun and red dot much so that piece I mentioned is acceptable.
If you planned to mount this on a gun you really like or planned to shoot a lot, however, I’d pay a lot more for a red dot that has a lower profile internal piece that’s less prominent and distracting.
Hope the review and photos help!" — RMM/LGG
Reassuring review: "So many reviewers don't realize the front lens is supposed to be slanted; and guess what, me too, but google is kind and proved that is normal. Looks like I got a new version with the silver letters that don't have the little r logo. I was alarmed to say the least given all the negative reviews about fake products. But having checked Bushnell's site, they have this version on there so not gonna worry much more. Everything checks out for me, and to be honest didn't at first.
Definitely they are cutting costs in various ways to keep this price point, but comparing this to a 2013 (gold letter) model I got new (and just returned), it looks like my silver letter modern version is better quality than that, with some minor not so important differences in details.
I don't care if it has an etched dot vs a printed one for the setting indicator. I'm not worried if it doesn't have the two holes on the front lens cap
Doesn't bother me that the battery cap is slightly shallower on the threads. My lenses are clean; nothing, but what's supposed to be in the inside is there, and the windage and elevation turrets are solid while being easy to use (don't care that it don't say something on the underside of the cover caps- clearly shows an R with an arrow and up with an arrow on the knobs). The setting dial is firm yet smooth to turn. I like how they have the circled B logo behind the setting indicator dot.
So far, thing shoots accurately as far as this amateur can tell; will see how durable it is and update. One person mentioned that the older versions were brighter and I found that to be the opposite, which is also worth mentioning: on settings 9-11 (at least for me) it's too bright and has a glare that is annoying, but with shades on I found even setting 3, in really bright sunlight, is plenty bright enough with a crisp dot. I feel lucky because of all the negative comments, mine works well and hopefully will continue to.
End of the day, solid budget entry level Red Dot Optic.
Edit 3/20: Went to the range today and have learned things. 1.) Do not mount this partially on your handrail, keep it on the receiver 2.) Use blue thread locker to make sure everything is nice and tight/won't loosen after some use. 3.) Removing the sticker on the battery cap is a pain in the butt 4.) After 190 rounds through my firearm with this scope (and once I used blue thread locker), this thing is zeroed and stays zeroed. My buddy, a first time shooter, shot a 1 inch group @ 50 yds with 4 solid center bullseye hits. Needless to say he's a champ! And so is this budget optic. Keeping mines, hope yours turns out great too." — hb jenkins

5. TRUGLO GOBBLE-STOPPER 30mm 3-MOA Turkey Hunting Dot Sights

Top-Rated: 670 ratings | 136 answered questions

Best Red Dot for Shotgun


Highlight: The DUAL COLOR Center Dot reticle allows you to choose between red or green for ideal target contrast.

Helpful review: "I actually have two of these sights, and have been very pleased with them. I use one on my 12 gauge and my son uses one on his 20 gauge. So far in the two years since buying these 6 Gobblers have made their way to my table. Sighting in was a breeze for 25-30 yards and love the green or red ring, makes dropping a turkey or multiple turkeys, as was my case last year, a breeze. Head in the circle and they are dead as my boys say.
Very easy to operate
Battery life seems very good (same batteries all season and included leaving it on by accident for 2 weeks)
Camo matches my shotguns very nicely (who doesn't want to match when their turkeys come calling)
Cover Caps can make a rather loud popping sound when opening (make sure it is opened before you start calling)
Cap covers will slide off pretty easily (have already lost one, but Truglo sent me replacements =) )
Screws come loose pretty easily even when tightened down (lost on of these as well and Truglo replaced also)
Overall very happy and will buy another if my other son buys a shotgun." — Andrew Ellis
Trending review: "So like most guys I'm on a budget. Money saved is money in the bank for another tag or even a trip! I watched all the videos I could. I read a lot of reviews. Guys were putting these dot sights on all sorts of ARs AKs and so on. I'm putting this sight on my Stoeger P3500 turkey shotgun. This shotgun shoots heavy magnum 3.5 inch 12 gauge loads that will absolutely test this sight to the limits. My inital impression is this thing is a tank! It's heavy, it feels like quality. They shipped the sight with 2 CR2030 batteries.The reticle is designed to help you judge distance based on how much of the turkey fits in the outer circle of the reticle. Brightness is good and the red or green color options are nice. Of course the reticle gets fuzzy if you crank it all the way up inside. Otherwise I think it's pretty sharp. I know you get what you pay for but at this price I'm really thinking you can't beat this sight. I'll update after I run it through its paces." — Matt Wolfe
Reassuring review: "Was looking for a red dot for my shotgun. In the process searched for many types that would offer a wide field of view. Decided for this Turkey sight from TruGlo because of the circle sight and center dot indicating potential spread of the shell.
Right out of the box I went to shoot with it and probably was shooting 6” low to the left of bullseye. I have not adjusted yet as I was using Winchester slugs and the kick was so hard that I couldn’t shoot more than 3-4 slugs without flinching and waiting for the kick. Also because I was on an open range that I couldn’t change the target to make sure I was adjusting properly. Close ranges you can bring the target back and look how you are doing. Will do that next time I go to the indoor range. The target used was 25 yards with slugs and 00 buck shots." — Manuel Perez


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