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I Tested And Ranked The Best Sig Sauer P365-XMACRO Holsters

Searching for the ideal holster for your Sig P365 X Macro? Look no further. I've rigorously tested and ranked the top options available, providing hands-on reviews to help you make the perfect choice.

Best Holster For Sig P365 X Macro

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. CYTAC - Sig P365 Holsters

Top-Rated: 3,221 ratings

Best Holster For Sig P365 X Macro


Highlight: Compatible with sig p365 9mm micro-compact 3.1" barrel, sig p365xl, sig p365sas; Incompatible with sig p365 with laser/light. The bottom of the holster has a lip to prevent longer barrel sticking out.

Helpful review: "There is a lot to like for a holster that is well under 30 bucks…. I am left-handed, there are not a ton of options for left handed outside carry with a positive retention. This thing is smooth and holds the gun secure. It’s also adjustable for angle.
I really really really like this holster, especially for the price. I did put a bit of moleskin in it, because the gun does rattle, but that’s a personal choice. The gun was certainly secure in the way it was, and I just did not want the extra rattling around and potentially scuffing.
I haven’t worn it yet other than messing around to get there angle adjusted to where I’m comfortable for drawing but i could not be more pleased with this thing." — Ockie
Trending review: "I have several OWB holsters and this is my favorite. I love the finger release. The trouble with holsters where you tighten screws to adjust the tension is that they are a compromise between easy access and secure retention. If it's tight enough to be secure, you have to tug to get it out. This is a 'no compromise' holster. It's secure and releases easily. This assumes you practice enough to make the draw automatic. If you don't, the problem is you, not the holster. It is comfortable, no matter what I do, including driving." — Dalton
Reassuring review: "I bought this to replace another well known brand of paddle holster. The other brand had way too much space between the paddle and the holster so the fit was very sloppy. I want a paddle holster so it can be removed in its entirety rather than fished through a belt every time you want to put it on.
This holster fits excellent on my belt and stays exactly where I put it. The paddle is curved and makes it a very comfortable fit. The cant is adjustable in ~3ish degree increments so you have a lot of flexibility in how it sits. The ride height is not adjustable, but it rides right where I like it anyways (a little lower than some holsters).
The active retention is really the selling feature for me. I am around kids often and also do range days with kids, so I like the extra retention that requires some thought to draw if it is not on you, but is in exactly the right spot so it is mindless to draw when you are wearing it. There is a video of another brand where the owner tries to quick-draw from an active retention holster and has an NG. While he blamed it on the retention putting his finger in the trigger guard position, I don't think this would apply to this holster (or to a user that isn't an idiot) as it puts your finger in the resting standby position, above the trigger.
I recommend this holster if you are looking for a good OWB paddle." — thrca

2. WARRIORLAND - Sig P365 Holster

Top-Rated: 1,191 ratings

Best Holster For Sig P365 X Macro


Highlight: Latest generation professional KYDEX IWB holsters for Sig Sauer P365 / P365 SAS / P365X / Sig Sauer P365XL Pistol, preserve your pistols in perfect condition. No matter walking, jogging or driving, it stay close against the body for a minimal amount of printing, defending and protecting yourself anytime, anywhere.

Helpful review: "I have owned this holster over 1 year now. When I was shopping for a holster for my P365 I had ordered and returned a couple more expensive ones before I finally tried this one. I thought the price was too low so there was no way it was a quality product, and bought more expensive ones. But those weren't comfortable so I finally decided to try this one.
It fit my gun like a glove and a year later it still does. Still gives that very satisfying click to know my firearm is in place. It doesn't wobble, it hasn't scratched or marked my gun. I carry daily and this still wears the same after one year as it did the day I bought it. It's the only holster that I've ever owned that I can completely forget I'm carrying because the gun stays perfectly in my preferred position (5 o'clock). It also doesn't print. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about it.
Now the part I like even more about it... The customer service.... After 1 year of owning the holster one of the screws and nuts came out and I lost them. I hadn't taken notice to the fact they had come loose and never tightened them. It just never crossed my mind. So I went to Lowe's and tried to find replacement hardware but couldn't find any that didn't rub my gun. So I decided to email the seller just to ask, I was even willing to pay for the parts. But nope, they responded that they'd be sending me replacement parts at no charge. Sure enough, three days later they arrived. They sent 2 new clips and 2 sets of screws, washers, nuts, and spacers. I was so impressed.
So yes, buy this holster, from this seller. And if you ever have a problem just reach out to them, they seem like they really want to make things right." — WH
Trending review: "This is the first IWB holster I've gotten for my P365X but I am very pleased with it. Now while I haven't more expensive ones with more expensive features, I can't imagine doubling or tripling the price with a fancier holster would really double or triple the usability. After tightening it ever so slightly, the holster holds my firearm very nicely and has a confidence inspiring "click" when inserting. I've only had it for about a month now but I see no signs of it scratching my firearm yet. The wing allows my P365X to hug my body very closely and so long as I am not wearing a tight t-shirt, I experience no printing." — Alex
Reassuring review: "I've carried with a Sticky Holster and really liked it for all day comfort. While this isn't quite as comfortable, it is very much more than the Sig IWB Kydex that comes with it.
Even better, it clicks in place and I turned it upside down without it dropping or even moving at all.
My draw is now very firm as it provides a great "purchase" angle. It also increased my average draw speed by 0.2 second.
As if that's not enough, I really like the Kydex barrier between pistol and skin. In FL, that's an issue to seriously consider." — A. Skursky

3. Bedone - Gun Holster Compatible with Sig Sauer P365

Top-Rated: 762 ratings

Best Holster For Sig P365 X Macro


Highlight: This OWB paddle holster is compatible with Sig P365, Sig P365X, Sig P365XL, Sig P365 SAS - Right Handed(Note: Doesn't fit Sig Sauer P365X MACRO, Sig P365X RomeoZero or guns with suppressor height sights, laser or light)

Helpful review: "I purchased this Cytac paddle holster for my P365 based on reviews. I could not be more pleased, it has no negatives for me, except it is made in China, Damn. I have an expensive leather Galco paddle holster for my Sig 229, and this suits me just as well. There is nothing cheap about it, packaging is excellent, and the enclosed literature is very good. Their web site is quite good also. The P365 locks in the holster, and as others have written, my forefinger falls naturally on the release button and my draw is not slowed a bit. A nifty design, but I pray that our creator aids us in bringing manufacturing back home." — Charles A. Walker
Trending review: "This fits my Sig P365 perfectly. I needed something that would allow me to wear my pistol while on my property. It's easy to put on, the pistol locks in great and the release button is right where it should be and works perfectly. Before I buy something I usually read the reviews and this one caught my attention with the high rating. But I also read negative reviews to see if any problems are highlighted that may concern me. What few negative reviews this holster has appears to me to be from people that may not be using it as it was intended to be used. This is not a conceal carry holster, it probably wont accept guns with accessories, like lasers. It should be used while wearing a belt.( 2 inch wide max) It does fit my P365 perfectly, it has an adjustable carry angle, it locks in extremely well and draws just as easily. It feels well made and should stand up to most any normal use I will give it. This company offers a good selection of other holsters as well. I highly recommend this holster." — JayR
Reassuring review: "My 365 has the suppressor height sights and the sight channel is not deep enough. The gun will not go into the holster. Will fit the P365 with the standard height sights.
I left the review after the Amazon return window had expired and the seller refunded my money out of the blue, and didn't even ask me to edit or delete the rview. If I had the standard height sights I would buy this holster. They seem to be a great company to work with." — Jim

4. TEGE - Open Carry Holsters

Top-Rated: 427 ratings

Best Holster For Sig P365 X Macro


Highlight: Auto locking system achieves an audible click when you holster the weapon, which can secure your weapon inside this OWB holster to ensure ultimate safety. It is designed to be quickly drawn and re-holstered for easier access by pressing release button with your forefinger whenever needed.

Helpful review: "This is a fantastic holster, especially for the price. I’m using it with my P365 with a Holosun 407k and it fits great. I have a 1.5in leather belt and the fit is nice and snug without much play. The holster also points slightly away from my body so I’m not flagging myself when I draw or reholster.
I like the active retention system. Pressing the release button with my index finger is really easy, and puts my finger at the perfect index point when I draw.
There are so many really expensive holsters out there, but tbh I feel like there’s no point in buying those.
I have not tried adjusting the cant. It’s fine for me out of the box." — Amazon Customer
Trending review: "Ordered for a Sig P365 SAS with Romeo 0 optics. The gun fits the holster perfectly. The holster holds the pistol firmly, but releases easily with my trigger finger in the proper position for safety. Feels comfortable when wearing and fits tight to my side. The price is very reasonable. Can't think of any reason not to like this holster. Very satisfied with my purchase." — John Cox
Reassuring review: "Nice minimal holster, for a great price. Very slim, with a strong plastic clip. Metal screws are recessed enough on the inside that they don't risk scratching the slide. However the holster I received does NOT have adjustable cant as you can see from my pictures. I may decide to just drill out the right screw hole to allow the clip to swivel a bit, I dunno. Still a nice polymer holster. Very good retention." — Amazon Addict


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