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I Tested And Ranked The Best Springfield Hellcat Holsters

Discover the top-rated holsters for Hellcat pistols, ensuring comfortable and secure carrying. Explore our expert reviews and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Best Holster For Hellcat

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. POLE.CRAFT - Springfield Hellcat Holster

Top-Rated: 769 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat


Highlight: Please feel free to use our portable concealed holster to protect your Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol. This is our high-quality KYDEX IWB Holster tailored for the Springfield Armory Hellcat Holster. It is not only highly precise, but also rugged and durable, and can be hidden and portable, so you can protect yourself anytime, anywhere.

Helpful review: "Pretty good for a budget holster (considering I see other holster systems going for three to four times as much $). It has really nice retention (which you can adjust to your liking with the screw) and seems to be good quality kydex/carbon fiber mix and very lightweight. I see other reviews talking about their gun not fitting, but I have to assume that these are from people who weren't paying very close attention when ordering and selected the wrong one. My Hellcat (not the pro, and no light or optic) fits perfectly. There are also no discernible sharp/rough edges along the cutout. I've had budget kydex holsters for other pistols in the past from other brands that needed a little touching up with a file to get rid of burs. This one is nice and smooth all the way around.
The big flaw is the belt clip. The lip on the bottom of the underside of the clip (the bit meant to tuck under and up behind your belt) is very short, is opened so far out from the main face of the clip as to nearly be at a right angle, and worst of all has rounded off corners. Due to this bad design, it comes dislodged from your belt pretty much the instant you sit down or even lean against something like the kitchen countertop. This is on a standard size 1.5" belt so it is not a fitment issue.
I wore this around the house for a little while to test out comfort and retention and while the pistol stays in the holster nicely, the holster itself tries to escape and abscond along with your pistol. I don't trust this to leave the house with. I'm currently waiting on a replacement monoblock clip that will actually hold onto my belt. Even with the added hassle of buying a separate clip I'll still be well under the cost of some other IWB available on the market. I would still recommend this holster just with the caveat that you should just cut to the chase and order a good monoblock replacement clip to go with it.
Product page states "Nylon + fiberglass belt clips are solid and reliable". The material itself might be "solid and reliable", but the design shape certainly isn't. Notice how they conveniently avoid showing a photo of the bottom end of the clip.
Back to my pocket holster she goes while I wait on that other clip to arrive." — robert
Trending review: "When I bought my HellCat I bought another brand holster for the same cost and at that time I gave it Five Stars. But after more research I noticed that the magazine release was exposed for a possible accidental release. So I ordered this holster seeing that it covered the magazine release. After receiving it today, I inserted my HellCat into it and noticed how this holster is thinner and not as bulky as the other holster.
The Quality, Fit, and Function makes this a Five Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Plus Holster. And you can’t beat the price.
Back again….,I am so impressed with this holster, I ordered on for my Sig P938 😊" — Gee Man
Reassuring review: "Needed a new holster for my Springfield Hellcat. As an avid wilderness hiker, I needed a holster that provided a secure, yet fast draw as well as comfort to use all the time. This IWB holster eclipsed the others that I also put through my pragmatic tests. Kudos to Pole.Craft for engineering such a clear winner. Cheers!" — Amazon Customer

2. WARRIORLAND - Hellcat Holster IWB KYDEX Holster

Top-Rated: 1,123 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat


Highlight: Custom for Springfield Hellcat 3" Micro-Compact pistol, US KYEDEX materials made comfortable and durable. Inside waistband concealed carry holster, preserve your Springfield Hellcat handgun in perfect condition. (Note: Doesn't fit with laser/light attachments)

Helpful review: "Despite the cheesy marketing photos, the holster is actually pretty good. The holster fit my Hellcat perfectly. The edges of the holster line up perfectly with the shape of the gun. The edges are nicely finished with no sharpness to them. The logo on mine was molded into the clip and not painted silver like in the photos. This is a good thing in my opinion.
I'm normally a leather holster person, but I'm trying out kydex for the extra thinness. This holster is a great value, and if it turns out to be comfortable over extended carry, I'll likely buy more for my other guns." — Terry
Trending review: "I decided to give this holster a try after trying numerous others. I finally got it all set up and got the retention just right, after some dry fire drills. I'm going to give this holster 5 stars, however the belt clip does leave a little to be desired. I've got an UltiTuck by UltiClip on the way. I genuinely believe that WARRIORLAND's Kydex sheaths are top of the line. This is free game, really... You should be writing this down. Buy one of these holsters for $30 and slap an UltiClip on it for $15. Maybe add your own mod-wing, if you don't like WARRIORLAND's version. Top of the line holsters aren't $100 anymore. This is the way." — Cameron Kirby
Reassuring review: "I have bought almost a dozen holsters for my Hellcat and some of them have been very expensive. This is the second Warriorland holster I’ve purchased and both of them have been very good! I only stopped using the first one because I added a laser to the gun but we changed to slightly longer bolts and my has been using it for his Hellcat Pro. This light/holster combo looks and feels like they cost a lot more than they do. There’s nothing cheap about either! The holster is very comfortable and has really good retention! The light looks great on the gun and is nice and bright at least for a weapon light. The simple one button operation makes things easy and the fact it’s ambidextrous is a plus since I shoot with both hands. Definitely worth the money!" — Mike D

3. Rabray - Hellcat Holster for Springfield Hellcat 9mm

Top-Rated: 513 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat


Highlight: This OWB paddle holster fits Springfield Hellcat 9mm Micro-compact(Not Pro), Springfield Hellcat with Optic OSP, Springfield Hellcat with Compensator RDP - Right Handed(NOTE: Doesn't fit Hellcat Pro or guns with light or laser)

Helpful review: "Sceptical, at first, ended up purchasing another! For the price, my expectations were "let's see". They were not only met, but well exceeded! To the details...
Simple, minimalist design, rivaling much higher priced holsters, for the Hellcat Micro 9mm. Strong construction, sturdy yet comfortable paddle and a perfect fit for any version of the Hellcat Micro 9mm, from the no-frills up to the Hellcat RDP with an RDS.
The paddle has extended tabs for secure belt retention for up to 2" wide belts. Cant is adjustable up to 30 degrees forward or 30 degrees rearward. Small teeth in the design keep the cant solid. Included are two extra screws and allen wrench.
The shell is well crafted, with no sharp edges or awkward protrusions. Fit, finish and durability appear top-notch. Trigger coverage is perfect, red dot sights are clear of holster contact. The top channel of the holster appears tall enough to probably fit a taller front iron sight. The Hellcat without compensator/threaded barrel fits flush with the end of the holster.
Retention of the Hellcat within the holster is solid and positive, with a tactile click upon holstering and an intuitive index finger release mechanism while drawing. Placement of thumb on top of the paddle while engaging the release button ensures proper grip upon presentation.
I am greatly satisfied with this holster, I purchased a second one so I can fabricate an in-car mount." — TGanoosh
Trending review: "I researched extensively IWB holsters, OWB holsters and appendix carry holsters (synthetic and leather), for my Hellcat OSP. From my perspective, I decided on an OWB synthetic carry holster by Tege. Within that category, decided on a "paddle" holster that allows the quick installation or removal without removing one's belt AND being able to use with "beltless" apparel (i.e. sweat pants, yoga pants, etc.). Due to the quick release button conveniently located near the index finger upon drawing from the holster, there is little to no resistance making the paddle a huge success in beltless applications with no tugging whatsoever to draw pistol from holster - just a clean and crisp draw. Additionally, this holster provides excellent coverage of the trigger while allowing enough space between holster and the mag release button so as not to accidentally eject a mag (as has been reported with other holsters). Holster is lightweight, cant angle is adjustable, holster is compact yet large enough to serve its intended purpose and it appears well made. Upon receiving it and trying it out, I was impressed enough with its quality, function/fit, conceal-ability and price that I immediately purchased another Tege Holster for my LC9s. For OWB carry, I highly recommend this holster!!!" — W. M. Newsome
Reassuring review: "Although the Hellcat micro and Pro do fit this holster, I found it's size is more suited to my PSA Dagger. The tension screws needed backed out pretty far, but once done, it fit the Dagger perfectly. For my hellcats I found some kydex Comp-tac dual concealment holsters on sale at Midway USA that work great. One was a left handed version that I swapped sides of the paddle and turned into a right hand one which saved me some money!
This holster, however, does work well as a universal one that fit several different pistols with proper adjustment of the tension screws. Definitely worth the money." — Ray

4. CYTAC - OWB Holster for Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm

Top-Rated: 693 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat


Highlight: Compatible with springfield hellcat 9mm micro-compact 3" barrel; Incompatible with springfield hellcat with laser. The bottom of the holster has a lip to prevent longer barrel sticking out.

Helpful review: "Gun fits my hellcat pretty good as with most pedal holsters you're going to have a little slop but nothing unbearable. As far as releasing my mag I tried pushing on the side hard as I could and I couldn't do it? So I don't know maybe you got faulty mag release on your hellcat or possibly a bad holster I guess mine works fine trust me I tried everything while it was in there to release my mag wasn't happening. That being said other than the looseness and the holster which is a tiny bit nothing I'm going to worry about it damn sure is not coming out unless I want it to come out." — craig wells
Trending review: "I like the holster overall for the money it deserves 5 stars in my opinion! I will be using it to carry my Hellcat while Hunting.
For the ones that complain about slop in the holster if you look in the box it came with two Allen wrenches 🙄 it only took me seconds to start looking for adjustments holes and what do you know, after turning the holster upside down I discovered a small opening that adjusts the SLOP AS YOU CALL IT……. Use the small Allen wrench, turn clockwise to tighten the fit !!!!!!!! However no instructions came with it telling you how to tighten the SLOP sometimes you just have to think outside the box!!!!!
I hope this helps everyone who left a review about this product!
Please always remember to unload and frequently check your weapon, Be safe and have a BLESSED LIFE!
PS!!!!!!! I almost lined the inside of my holster with the Fuzzy side Velcro………🤫🤫 Don’t tell anybody!" — Anthony Styles
Reassuring review: "This is byfar my favorite holster for my Hellcat 9mm. I have several diff type and this on is byfar the best. Its super light and also very comfortable to wear. I absolutely love the speed and ease at which the pistol can be drawn as well as put back in the holster. The only thing I can even think of that I can use as a negative would be when wearing on the side with a longer shirt the size bulge it makes due to width but that just is what it is. Due to the hellcat being so small I was worried before ordering of the fit. But I put what type of gun I carry and they auto gave me the size holster and it totally fits to perfection." — Paco

5. Tulster - Tulster IWB Profile Holster

Top-Rated: 239 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat


Highlight: Holster has a full sweat shield to aid in re-holstering by giving you an indexing point and to keep clothing out of the opening.

Helpful review: "Like a lot of other fellow permit-packing members of the CCW community I have a big-ass box of unused, unloved, and frankly unnecessary holsters.
From Kydex, to leather, and from neoprene, to a hybrid- I have tried them all. Unfortunately, most holsters are a massive compromise between concealability and comfort. In fact, some have honestly sucked at both simultaneously- talk about multitasking!
Then comes the Tulster Profile. Considering the Hellcat (in this case) was designed for concealability, it took three different holsters to actually conceal such a compact pistol- let alone do it with comfort. The Tulster proved that three times was the charm indeed!
If you want a lightweight, well-designed, comfortable and easily concealable holster- then this is it!" — Gov. William J. LePetomane
Trending review: "Perfect holster for my Springfield hellcat fde. You can hear the click” each time it’s holstered. Did not have to make any adjustments on the retention screw out of the box (would assume this isn’t going to be the case for every holster) but for mine it’s a great fit.
The holster fits comfortable on belt/pants. I don’t appendix carry (always been uncomfortable for me). I carry at 4 o’clock and I barely notice it’s there, especially while driving.
Great product. Would definitely recommend it" — Andrew Fernandez
Reassuring review: "I was skeptical at first, because sometimes a holster is advertised as fitting the gun. And the sellers are gun dumb. However, the seller was spot on with the description. I have not had come across any good holsters for my Hellcat ( not ops). The hellcat slid in smooth and the lock was great. Hopefully this holster will withstand time. I do suggest loosening the tension (about half a turn) so you dont have to fight to unholster." — Michael Avila


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