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I Tested And Ranked The Best Springfield Hellcat Pro Holsters

Find the best holster for your Hellcat Pro with our tested options and reviews. Secure your firearm effectively with our top picks.

Best Holster For Hellcat Pro

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Rabray - Outside Waistband Gun Holster

Top-Rated: 513 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat Pro


Highlight: This OWB paddle holster fits Springfield Hellcat Pro, Springfield Hellcat 9mm Micro-compact, Springfield Hellcat OSP(with Optic), Springfield Hellcat RDP(with Compensator) - Right Handed(NOTE: Doesn't fit guns with light or laser)

Helpful review: "Sceptical, at first, ended up purchasing another! For the price, my expectations were "let's see". They were not only met, but well exceeded! To the details...
Simple, minimalist design, rivaling much higher priced holsters, for the Hellcat Micro 9mm. Strong construction, sturdy yet comfortable paddle and a perfect fit for any version of the Hellcat Micro 9mm, from the no-frills up to the Hellcat RDP with an RDS.
The paddle has extended tabs for secure belt retention for up to 2" wide belts. Cant is adjustable up to 30 degrees forward or 30 degrees rearward. Small teeth in the design keep the cant solid. Included are two extra screws and allen wrench.
The shell is well crafted, with no sharp edges or awkward protrusions. Fit, finish and durability appear top-notch. Trigger coverage is perfect, red dot sights are clear of holster contact. The top channel of the holster appears tall enough to probably fit a taller front iron sight. The Hellcat without compensator/threaded barrel fits flush with the end of the holster.
Retention of the Hellcat within the holster is solid and positive, with a tactile click upon holstering and an intuitive index finger release mechanism while drawing. Placement of thumb on top of the paddle while engaging the release button ensures proper grip upon presentation.
I am greatly satisfied with this holster, I purchased a second one so I can fabricate an in-car mount." — TGanoosh
Trending review: "Although the Hellcat micro and Pro do fit this holster, I found it's size is more suited to my PSA Dagger. The tension screws needed backed out pretty far, but once done, it fit the Dagger perfectly. For my hellcats I found some kydex Comp-tac dual concealment holsters on sale at Midway USA that work great. One was a left handed version that I swapped sides of the paddle and turned into a right hand one which saved me some money!
This holster, however, does work well as a universal one that fit several different pistols with proper adjustment of the tension screws. Definitely worth the money." — Ray
Reassuring review: "I researched extensively IWB holsters, OWB holsters and appendix carry holsters (synthetic and leather), for my Hellcat OSP. From my perspective, I decided on an OWB synthetic carry holster by Tege. Within that category, decided on a "paddle" holster that allows the quick installation or removal without removing one's belt AND being able to use with "beltless" apparel (i.e. sweat pants, yoga pants, etc.). Due to the quick release button conveniently located near the index finger upon drawing from the holster, there is little to no resistance making the paddle a huge success in beltless applications with no tugging whatsoever to draw pistol from holster - just a clean and crisp draw. Additionally, this holster provides excellent coverage of the trigger while allowing enough space between holster and the mag release button so as not to accidentally eject a mag (as has been reported with other holsters). Holster is lightweight, cant angle is adjustable, holster is compact yet large enough to serve its intended purpose and it appears well made. Upon receiving it and trying it out, I was impressed enough with its quality, function/fit, conceal-ability and price that I immediately purchased another Tege Holster for my LC9s. For OWB carry, I highly recommend this holster!!!" — W. M. Newsome

2. ANOLE - Sig P365 X Macro Holster

Top-Rated: 147 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat Pro


Highlight: Our custom-molded pistol holster is designed to compatible with Glock 17 22 31 19 19X 23 32 26 27 33 42 43 43X 44 45 48, also fit for S&W M&P 9MM / S&W M&P .380 Shield EZ / Ruger Max 9MM / Taurus GX4 / Springfield Armory Hellcat.

Helpful review: "Was kind of skeptical when reading the reviews. It does fit the Hellcat Pro nicely. The Hellcat Pro is not too loose or to tight. Nice click when the retention engages. Button releases the retention cleanly. I wear a leather belt and due to the thickness of the belt, the paddle is a tight fit. Will have to see if it loosens up with use. All in all, good value for the money. Even though it is made of plastic, it appears to be durable. This was the only positive retention holster for the Hellcat Pro that I could find. IMI says they will not be making a retention holster for the Hellcat Pro (what I use for my Walther PPQ). Blackhawk said that they were going to make one, but then decided not to. So I'm glad I came across this one." — LB
Trending review: "This holster solves the retention/Hellcat Pro Holster problem. It is difficult to get a Level 2 OWB holster for the Hellcat Pro that actually fits the weapon. Active retention (not passive), is critical when carrying concealed or open. This holster is instinctive regarding the release function. It is very sturdy and carries the load of a 15+1 9mm Hellcat Pro (and optic) easily. Make sure your belt is wide enough to distribute the load and keep your weapon secure. Awesome price and quick delivery. 5 Stars from me. Did I mention the price??? Great value... sorry Safariland." — Mr. Cook
Reassuring review: "I used this holster for my Springfield Hellcat Pro 9mm. The two adjustment screws help hold it tight. Feels very secure and provides level 2 retention. Not the biggest fan of the paddle style belt clip. Wish they would add about $1.00 to the price and add a standard belt format too…. It does have a little larger profile so not perfect for conceal but I will wear mine open carry…. Overall good product" — Scott Powell

3. Blade-Tech - Springfield Hellcat Pro OWB Holster

Top-Rated: 3,221 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat Pro


Highlight: Produced with high strength, heat resistant polymer in the USA. This Blade-Tech Precision molded Springfield Hellcat Pro Holster has a superior fit to Kydex. Carry Confident with your Springfield Hellcat securely and comfortably.

Helpful review: "For a "cheap" holster, this one is excellent. I have been in law enforcement for 34 years and I try to get the best gear I can afford. I gave this "cheaper" holster a try and I am very satisfied. I only used it a few times last winter so I am waiting to see if it holds for this coming one. But so far from my experience with this item, I am pretty satisfied. Very good fit for my 3.7 Hellcat Pro." — Tony
Trending review: "It’s a nice little holster for the price. What more can you say? It’s a black piece of plastic for a black plastic gun we will see how the side pieces hold up a little different from all the other holsters I’ve had. So far so good no complaints." — Robert Baker
Reassuring review: "No adjustments needed and fits great. I have to feel to see if I’m wearing most of the time because it’s so comfortable I forget it’s there." — John

4. DeSantis - DeSantis Slim-Tuk Gun Holster

Top-Rated: 91 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat Pro


Highlight: The Slim-Tuk by DeSantis is a new minimal IWB holster fashioned from the Kydex sheet. The holster is expertly manufactured by skilled craftsmen to fit SPRINGFIELD HELLCAT PRO. One of the most unique features of the DeSantis Slim-Tuk is that it uses our tuck-able 360 C-Clip. The clip keeps this holster in place and provides the wearer with unlimited mounting options. The material of the gun holster is lightweight yet sturdy and highly durable. The DeSantis Slim-Tuk Gun Holster is unisex, ambidextrous and is built and shipped from our USA plant.

Helpful review: "Buy this holster for your hellcat pro you will not regret it! I’ve always struggled with comfort wearing holsters. This is by far the best holster I’ve had so far. It’s my first from Desantis but I would definitely buy another. The clip seems very durable but not overly tight and has a nice hook on the bottom to grab your belt etc… I had no problems drawing my pistol and forgot I even was concealing a gun. I’m 5’10 230lbs and appendix carry." — Ashton
Trending review: "Comfortable, prevents printing well, securely holds the weapon. The ONLY con, and its a small one, is that it doesn't prevent the back of the weapon from contacting skin like some other holsters, therefore there is no protection from sweat if youre not wearing an undersirt. However, this may be why it fits so closely to the body and doesn't print like some others. Definitely recommend." — Robert Bishop
Reassuring review: "Definitely recommend for any hellcat pro owners. Fits perfect, nice click to it and very slim with room for optics. Didn’t need any adjustments. Draw feels very nice. Just got so I can’t speak for all day carry but it does feel very comfortable." — shaun ramsay

5. GRITR - IWB Kydex Right/Left Hand Gun Holster

Top-Rated: 63 ratings

Best Holster For Hellcat Pro


Highlight: The GRITR holster for concealed carry is produced for the Springfield Armory Hellcat PRO/RDP/OSP models (with/without safety); Compatible with standard Hellcat models, retention adjustments necessary; This IWB holster is made to perform in any situation to increase your confidence at the crucial moment

Helpful review: "It works for the price the main bad thing is when you draw quickly sometimes the whole hostel comes out with the gun. Best to use on the range but in self defense it might be life or death..." — Kindle Customer
Trending review: "I do carry this firearm in this holster almost every day. It’s comfortable, salad, and reliable." — Joseph
Reassuring review: "Fit my springfield hellcat pro perfectly finally ordered a good one.." — Abram Smith


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