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I Tested And Ranked The Best AIWB Holsters

Looking for the best AIWB holster? Dive into expert reviews and comparisons to find the perfect fit for comfortable and secure concealed carry.

Best AIWB Holster

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Sunsmith Holster - Compatible with CZ P-01 Kydex Appendix Inside

Top-Rated: 63 ratings

Best AIWB Holster


Highlight: Adjustable Locking Retention and Adjustable Carry Angle (cant) 0-15 degrees. / Covered Magazine Release Button to Prevent Accidental Release of Magazine.

Helpful review: "Bending & cutting kydex isn't rocket-surgery, but it requires care and attention to detail to make a good holster. This holster is similar to some almost 2x the price, tho' just a slight notch below.
Pro: Very nice look. Good (plastic) clip, Good 'wing' w/ a taller replacement wing in-package. Nice positive 'click-in-place'.
Con: the holster barely contacts the right-side decocker lever (cz p-01 omega). The holster is ~6mm longer than muzzle (could be shorter).
I can/will fix the decocker contact wit a hot pliers - easy. I might shorten the length, but that's real surgery, and not different from other holsters.. I might replace the plastic clip w/ a $12 dcc mod4. It's still a bargain and well made.
I would like if the vendor offered an (upcharge) 'wedge' for AIWB.
Also the delivery was excellent - ~2 days prior to earliest expected date." — Stevea
Trending review: "Shout out! to Smith Holster. My holster arrived pretty quickly, inspected the product and to my amazement the kydex seemed a little bit more thicker compared to my other Holsters. There are no sharp edges, the firearm fits perfect llike a glove. So, yes I am very happy with this purchase, it is sturdy, comfortable, robust, and of excellent quality. I will be buying more Sunsmith Holsters and recommend to family and friends. Thank you Amazon and Sunsmith Holster for such a great product. 👍" — Conner Raven
Reassuring review: "Great product for the money! Edges are nice and smooth and overall construction is great. Comes with 2 different wings if you're skinny enough to appendix carry or additional hardware to remove them. Shipping stated around 2 weeks and I received it much sooner than expected. It fits my P-01 Omega perfectly and has a full sweat guard which makes carrying even more comfortable.
Retention is adjustable and keeps my weapon secure in all types of precarious positions. I'm glad I took a chance on this over paying much more for other holsters that fit the Omega." — Jason Hills

2. GUN & FLOWER - IWB Holster Compatible

Top-Rated: 267 ratings

Best AIWB Holster


Highlight: These IWB holsters for pistols are tailor-made and compatible with G17 22 31(Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Inside waistband polymer holsters for concealed carry your handgun. Please note these holsters are not fit for any attachment like laser/light accessories.

Helpful review: "It fits my g17 perfect just a little bulky but I'm a skinny dude I really like it it's not good for appendix carry it's going to jab you in the stomach and it's too bulky on the side plus I put a beam on it so it won't even fit now I just got a different 1 but I use this still sometimes" — Britany West
Trending review: "Great Holster!! Fits perfect (had to adjust retention screws of course) I slapped in my Glock 17 with no problems! My issue was finding a good appendix carry holster that would also allow good concealment and this holster has done better than ones twice it’s price!! The claw adds a huge advantage and the retention is so strong that the gun won’t fall out upside down but draw is smooth and doesn’t feel like a fight from the holster. 10/10." — Humboldt 2-1
Reassuring review: "Purchased to use for my Glock clone. Fits perfectly with my Diamondback full sized. Seems well constructed, and I was able to easily adjust to fit mine. Good retention and good grip on my belt. Easily adjustable cant so it sits exactly where I want it. I would recommend this holster." — Scott M. Wuerch

3. Sunsmith Holster - Appendix Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

Top-Rated: 46 ratings

Best AIWB Holster


Highlight: Adjustable Locking Retention and Adjustable Carry Angle (cant) 0-15 degrees./ Covered Magazine Release Button to Prevent Accidental Release of Magazine.

Helpful review: "I ordered this for my CZ P07. I was looking for something that wasn’t pushing $100 or more. With a “Claw” for better appendix carry concealment.
Right out of the package I was impressed. Not only was this holster $40 bucks, ( give or take a few dollars) but wow the fit and finish is great. It also came with extra screws and washer. And a taller “Claw” so the individual can choose the depth that the rear of the pistol pushed towards your body. The main clip is pretty standard across the board of what many other company’s use on their holsters. It says it’s hand made in U.S.A. 🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 Edges are smooth, the mag release is cover led well. If you have the suppressor ready version of this pistol the barrel and probably taller sights don’t seem like they will fit.
Once I tried it on I knew I had picked the right one. It tucked the butt of the pistol grip in towards my body very well. Just what I needed. The holster is also comfortable. No edges jabbing me. I appendix carry ( Once you appendix there’s no going back). Very satisfied." — Corey Brady
Trending review: "This is an initial review with limited days of use;; but I use this holster AIWB and the quality and value of the product is exceptional. I use this with a CZ P-07 which is not exactly a small firearm and the claw attachment works really well to hold the grip into the body thus reducing the potential for printing. The surfaces are all smooth and what you would expect from a more expensive holster maker, in addition, a nice sweat shield. All in all, a very nice holster and an excellent value." — R. Bennett
Reassuring review: "This holster arrived well ahead of schedule. It resolved my concerns about carrying a larger than subcompact pistol IWB. The molding appears to be a perfect fit and the price is very reasonable. If you're looking for functional and comfy conceal/carry, I think you'll find this item to be equivalent to most of the much higher-priced options." — rich


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